Dark Eternal (
by Jethro Cooper
22 December 2096


Sleeping Sun might be one of the first classical heavy metal revival acts to rise from the ashes of Nationfall, but of late, their star has faded thanks to a succession of lackluster vocalists. These ladies, who shall go unnamed, had the chops but not the presence necessary to bring Sleeping Sun to the level of its inspiration, Nightwish.

Readers of Dark Eternal might argue that is unfair to hold vocalists in a revival band to the standard set by Tarja Turunen, let alone her successors Annette Olzon and Floor Jansen. This is a fair point, which I can only rebut by saying that the whole point of such a band is to offer modern audiences an experience as close to the original as possible.

Newcomer Naomi Bradleigh of London seems to understand this. Despite my initial reluctance to attend Sleeping Sun’s Winter Solstice show at the Budokan in Tokyo, I was curious. Was Sleeping Sun really that desperate that they’d hand the mic to an unknown? Who the hell was Naomi Bradleigh?

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