London can be a cold city, and my duties as an Adversary often demand that I face it at her coldest. Not that it bothers me. It only makes my nights hotter by comparison.

I expected to find John asleep after finishing my shower. In his last year of residency at an Ohrmazd Medical Group hospital, by necessity he often dozed after loving me. I wholeheartedly encouraged him to. Tired people err, and in our lines of work errors cost lives.

Instead, I found him stretched across the bed naked and reading a medical journal. I sat on the edge of the bed beside him, and dragged my fingertip down his spine to make him shiver.

He rolled and smiled up at me. “What were you singing in there, Naomi? I heard something about someone named Sophia.”

“Just another gnostic metal band I recently discovered. Lucifer Invictus. They did a show with Seiten Taisei last week.” Since I finally prevailed upon him to come to my flat after our date, I could show him the record instead of just pulling up a digital recording like I usually did when I wanted to share new music with him. I wasn’t about to bring vinyl records to the hotels John usually picked for our trysts he still lived in the family home, since that also required dragging the player along.

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