Matheus Taylor didn’t ask to be murdered. Quin didn’t care. Now, Matheus runs for his life, questions his sexual orientation & defies a mysterious new threat to vampires within his city.

I miss having a bed,” said Matheus, his face tucked into the crook of Alistair’s neck. He gave a quick lick, enjoying the way Alistair wiggled beneath him.

You miss it,” said Alistair. “What about me? I get to be on top next time. This floor is not good for my back.” He nibbled the curve of Matheus’ shoulder. “I’m not going to be able to walk right for days.”

“Uh.” Matheus propped himself up onto his elbows. “Sorry?”

“Don’t be. It was worth it.” Alistair grinned up at him. He draped his arms around Matheus’ neck. “So, as much fun as the distract-Matheus-with-filthy-sexing game has been, are you ready to talk now?”

Matheus removed Alistair’s arms. He rolled onto his side, pulling one of the sleeping bags over them.

“I’m sleepy,” he said.

“Matheus, we don’t sleep,” said Alistair. “Are you going to talk to me, or am I going to have to storm away in huff? Because, really, I’d rather not. My energy reserves are a bit tapped at the moment.”

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