Sasha Alexander has a powerful ability. The seven guardians that only she can see protect her from hurt, pain, fear and love – until a strange young man with scarred hands suddenly makes her feel again. But unless she can learn to control her own emotions, the biggest danger to them all may be Sasha herself.

At first, I thought I was experiencing some kind of trick; it wouldn’t be the first time some guardian or another had decided to mess with me. Dez, in particular, liked to play jokes and pranks. As the world I knew by the pond melted away from me, I went from being surrounded by guardians to seeing all of them spread around a very familiar room- they hadn’t aged a day. They looked exactly the same as when I had left them, even though this was supposedly years earlier, and I was supposed to be a child. I felt a weird twist to see them all scattered around my living room; I recognized it as the same room even though it had been radically redecorated after…

… After the event I was supposedly here to witness. My mother’s death, which I had gone my whole life thinking was suicide. But apparently it hadn’t been, and my memories had been altered to prevent me from remembering what really happened that night.

I felt Oblivion’s presence beside me in real time, her hand resting gently on my forearm, and knew it was she who controlled what I saw. How fitting that the one guardian in charge of forgetting was also the one who could make me remember. It was disorienting, though, because there she stood across the room, next to Joy, the two of them so close they could be touching. They weren’t, though; none of the guardians from this past event were. Instead, they took on various poses that showed them at their most agitated. Dez chain smoked while Oblivion swayed as if caught in a strong wind; Fear fingered his necklace, and Anger…

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