Teen heartthrob Tommy Gabriel has a few secrets. For starters, he’s not human. When he goes AWOL, Weatherby and Mort are hired to find him and bring him back. Selena Stein is along for the ride and she’s brought her new boyfriend, who has his own challenges to face before winning Weatherby’s approval.

A big bruiser came towards me, hands outstretched. I drew my automatics and shot him in the shoulder, knocking him back against a tree. Before his body hit the ground, two mobsters grabbed my hands. My pistols hit the dirt. I slipped a hand free and slugged the guy on my right, hard in the chin, knocking him onto the dirt. I used my free hand to grab the Ka-Bar from my boot. The guy on my left got the blade in his throat, in one end and out the other. He fell down, grabbing his neck as he bled out.

Verona sighed. “You dumb mooks!” he shouted. “You’re doing it wrong.” He grabbed Weatherby’s shoulder and pulled the kid close to him. He put his pistol right to the boy’s head. Weatherby tried to grab his revolver, and Verona cracked a pistol handle against his arm and made him drop it. Selena screamed at her baby brother’s pain. Verona faced me. “Come on, Morty. Drop the shiv or I’ll kill him slow.”

I knew Verona would kill him, me, Selena and Chad slow anyway. But I couldn’t stand to see Weatherby hurt. There was nothing I could do. I dropped the knife.

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