B&E Labs created a commercial process called Prolongment, in which very old and very wealthy clients can pay to have their consciousness extended past death.

Jessie fidgeted with the straps of her bag. She had a small table in the corner. The café was rapidly filling up with the lunch crowd. She stared at the tiny vase of daffodils, and they stared back at her. She had ordered some coffee, but no food yet. She waited for her lunch date to arrive.

SkyNews played silently in a corner over the bar. They were rehashing the events of the last several weeks and dissecting them in immense detail, as the news is apt to do. Jessie didn’t need to watch the news anymore. She knew most of it by heart. Hell, she was part of it.

She ticked off the beats in her head. Ken Muerta was being held in prison, awaiting trial for the murder of Katherine Beck. The Opposition lost some steam. She had left the group, along with Hop. Some of the core members were trying to regroup and see if there was any “they” left to be had. Without any of B&E’s information, like the rest of the world, they were forced to start from scratch.

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