When Weatherby’s older sister is kidnapped, he and Mort are forced into a deadly automobile race along the Pacific Coast highway – and their competitor is the Devil himself.

Ah jeez,” he said. “You do not want to be doing that, Mort. I heard things about the Morningstar Car Club and especially about that race - and the people who win second place. This one fellow, some nice Okie kid, won second place last year. Next month, he drives his car off a cliff into the ocean. A shark bites him in half. The year before that, the second place winner drove into a brick wall going one hundred and eight miles per.  He was spread across that wall like paint.”

“So I’ll have to drive carefully and buckle my seatbelt,” I replied. “After I win.”

“You don’t understand, buddy!” Dutch cried. “There’s this one black Cadillac with black flames who always races and always wins. You don’t stand a chance, not a chance in Hell.”

I stood up. “I seem to recall hauling a bullet-ridden GI to safety, Dutch. I seem to recall carrying him for what seemed like a mile through dense forest, with Kraut snipers trying to pick me off the whole time. I thought that meant something to you.”

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