Sasha Alexander has a powerful ability. The seven guardians that only she can see protect her from hurt, pain, fear and love – until a strange young man with scarred hands suddenly makes her feel again. But unless she can learn to control her own emotions, the biggest danger to them all may be Sasha herself.

Your father left orders, Miss Alexander,” Lars said, blocking my way to the front hall with his massive shoulders. Our chauffeur resembled a large, testy boulder. “You aren’t to go out alone.”

I took two steps back so I could see his icy blue eyes clearly. Lars meant it this time; I wasn’t going anywhere without him unless I wanted to throw a fit so loud and unholy every single one of my guardians showed up to block my dangerous emotions.

Even then, he’d probably follow me on the sly.

And my guardians- any guardian- was the last thing I wanted right now. I was determined to make it all the way to the gallery alone.

Except, apparently, for Lars. My eyes rested on the chessboard set up for play in the sunny little sitting room. I took a deep breath and relaxed my fists, running through the next several imaginary moves I would make, should my father have time to continue our game. The cold light of logic calmed me and washed away most of the lingering annoyance. What I felt now wouldn’t be enough to bring Anger to my side.

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