Daniel Gray finds himself stuck in a dead end job as a CivPro homicide detective, until the Spine Thief spawns the case of a lifetime. Bone Wires is a dark, brooding cyberpunk noir, serialized every Thursday.

They spent another night together without sex, which at this point was starting to make him really, really wonder; he woke her up around two o’clock and asked her about it, but she only sighed, half-asleep and sounding as though she spoke to a much younger man than he was.

“Oh, baby,” Angie murmured, turning herself into him, draping an arm over his chest, “I like what we have going on, nice and slow. Don’t you?”

Says the woman draped naked against me, Gray thought to himself. “I guess,” he murmured, “Yeah. I’m just not used to it.  I mean, you still…you like me, right?”

She opened her eyes then, looking at him in the near-dark of the room; he saw them gleaming slightly in the glow of the clock. “Of course I do,” she said, her voice very soft and low.  ”It’s not you.  It’s just that I’ve had a lot of bad experiences, going too fast.  I’ve…been pulled into things. I don’t like to talk about them.”

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