“Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title.”
Virginia Woolf
Silent Clarion, Chapter Sixty-Six, by Private: Matthew Graybosch
NEW SLEEPING SUN VOCALIST CAPTIVATES BUDOKAN IN WINTER SOLSTICE DEBUT Dark Eternal (https://earth.com.news.music.darketernal) by Jethro Cooper 22 December 2096   Sleeping Sun might be one of the first classical heavy metal revival acts to rise from the ashes of Nationfall, but of late, their star has faded thanks to a succession of lackluster vocalists. These […]
Chapter Ten: The Earthling’s Lot, Part Three, by Private: Michael Panush
Later that afternoon, they all had lunch outside. It was a beautiful day and the drivers gathered around the wicker picnic table in the shade of the garage, and munched on burgers taken from La Cruz diner. Roscoe enjoyed eating them and feeling the bits of him grow back. Wooster wolfed down his burger and […]
Unprompted: Part Twenty, by Private: Michael Morris
Hunter Lewis is a young man in his twenties who has spent his whole life in a small town in northern California. After the death of his father, he decides to leave his hometown and go backpacking across Europe and Asia. Along the way, he meets people from all walks of life who help him cope with the loss of his father and learn about what we have in common with people around the world. Unprompted is literary fiction, written by Michael Morris, and serialized and published at Curiosity Quills, every Thursday.​
Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle, Chapter Ninety-One, by Private: Amy Fecteau
Matheus Taylor didn’t ask to be murdered. Quin didn't care. Now, Matheus runs for his life, questions his sexual orientation & defies a mysterious new threaat to vampires within his city.
Last Ride of the Undead She-Vixens: Part Three, by Private: Michael Panush
A series of Rot Rods short stories will be published right here at Curiosity Quills, every Thursday.
Keep it in Your Head, by Private: Grace Eyre
B&E Labs created a commercial process called Prolongment, in which very old and very wealthy clients can pay to have their consciousness extended past death.
Never Trust a Goblin, by Private: Michael Panush
Roguish ex-soldier Avery Corners and tough-as-nails Orcish warrior Orgo Bloodaxe are two hapless hoods who practice the trade of high stakes robberies, braving deadly traps, forbidden magic and ferocious monsters for a shot at major scores.
At Coffin’s Close, Part Three, by Private: Michael Panush
Cane enters New Orleans, in search of the body of an old friend, now a zombie servant of a Voodoo Queen. He encounters more than he bargained for, including a painful look into his own past.
They Don’t Think It Be Like It Is, But It Do, by Private: William Vitka
"Only five people can save the world. But there's a problem. They're dead." -- Intergalactic cabbie, Zel, and his companions race to prevent humanity's extinction by resurrecting Earth's great pulp writers & scientists.
Lounge Lizards, Part Four, by Private: Michael Panush
Teen heartthrob Tommy Gabriel has a few secrets. For starters, he’s not human. When he goes AWOL, Weatherby and Mort are hired to find him and bring him back. Selena Stein is along for the ride and she’s brought her new boyfriend, who has his own challenges to face before winning Weatherby’s approval.
Mort Candle’s War, Part Four, by Private: Michael Panush
After rescuing Weatherby from Castle Stein, Mort and his squad are trapped in a ruined church, with the Nazi army closing in. Mort and his fellow paratroopers must now fight against incredible odds for the life of one little boy.
Bone Wires, Part Thirty, by Private: Michael Shean
Daniel Gray finds himself stuck in a dead end job as a CivPro homicide detective, until the Spine Thief spawns the case of a lifetime. Bone Wires is a dark, brooding cyberpunk noir, serialized every Thursday.
The Whole Spectrum, by Private: Vicki Keire
Sasha Alexander has a powerful ability. The seven guardians that only she can see protect her from hurt, pain, fear and love – until a strange young man with scarred hands suddenly makes her feel again. But unless she can learn to control her own emotions, the biggest danger to them all may be Sasha herself.
I Rode in The Devil’s Hot Rod, Part Four, by Private: Michael Panush
When Weatherby's older sister is kidnapped, he and Mort are forced into a deadly automobile race along the Pacific Coast highway - and their competitor is the Devil himself.