You’ve just finished a book. You think: wow, that rivals my favorite “book of all time.” You can fill “book of all time” with any of your favorite relationships, story troupes or genres, but you get the idea, these are your favorites! It’s understandable when this happens, there are writers giving us incredible stories all the time. Enjoying many types of story I find myself frequently warring inside over which is my favorite fill in the blank as each type highlights differently.

I love relationships of every kind, color and make-up. Those between siblings, a parent and child, two friends - either of the same sex or of the opposite sex. There are also ones where strangers become allies, or enemies must work together for a common goal. Then there is the pièce de résistance of relationships, couples. So in honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve gathered a list of my favorite unique couples - the quirkier the better… Bring the war on!

Sci-Fi Pick…

Harrison and Glimmer in Prelude to Mayhem

I found this title right here on Curiosity Quills Press, set in a world where current day has jumbled with a world of future tech as well as a world of magical creatures. If you’ve read the book, you may argue that these two only loosely meet the requirements of a couple. I agree Glimmer’s wardrobe is made up of outfits literally stolen from Barbie while Harrison can’t double for anything other that a full grown human man. We follow them from their first meeting to their end destination across the country as the pair grow closer during their travels. What makes this couple work is the undertone of love and sacrifice between the two as they struggle against the dangers of their new world.

Film Pick…

Monkey/Sariatu and Beetle/Hanzo in Kubo and the Two Strings

This isn’t a perfect movie, but it’s excellent stop animation and historical world make the perfect setting for a quirky couple. Monkey is a wooden charm brought to life with the last of Kubo’s mother’s magic. Beetle is a cursed samurai, without his memory who followed Kubo’s father when he was younger. As they squabble the pair bond over their mutual affection for Kubo, the boy they are trying to protect as he fights to save the life his parents died to protect. What makes this couple work is the rich texture of monkey’s fur to Beetle’s hard tactile shell, visually and emotionally we believe in this odd pairing.

Fantasy Pick…

Meg and Simon in Written in Red

Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, a human who can see the future when her skin is cut. In the Others book series she gets mixed up with a group of supernatural beings that rule an alternate earth. Enter Simon Wolfgard, the shape-shifter leader who hires her to be the others’ human liaison. When this glorified mail lady touches the lives of every one of the others in the courtyard Simon finds his instinct is to protect his own and Meg has become one of them… The biggest thing going for their relationship is she doesn’t smell like prey, i.e. the residents have no desire to eat her. What makes this couple work is the totally unique reinvention of a much beloved troupe.

K-drama Pick…

Grim Reaper and Sunny in Goblin: the Lonely and Great God

This is a mega-hit where it runs on TV in South Korea and weaves Asian traditional beliefs of reincarnation and death ceremonies into a modern story. If you search out a subtitled streaming version of this 16 episode series you can see what the hype is for yourself… A grim reaper guides souls to the after life due to the great sin he committed when he lived. His past is a mystery to him until he meets Sunny, a stunning modern woman who causes him to cry when they first meet. What makes this couple work is the visual contrast between the couple’s history in the distant past to the present day situation. And this isn’t even the main couple!

Manga Pick…

Mafuyu and Takaomi in Oresama Teacher manga series

Oresama is a Japanese term meaning you are putting yourself and what you want above everyone else around you. Takaomi Saeki is the title character of this Japanese comic and Mafuyu Kurosaki’s homeroom teacher. He has a history with Mafuyu as her delinquent next door neighbor who taught her to fight and defend in spite of her being a child at the time. There is a large age gap between them which could turn you off at first as well as several other men in her life, but she can’t help but assist Saeki in all his endeavors at the school. What makes this couple work is the expressions of our couple as illustrated by the mangaka coupled with the almost innocently platonic tone to their relationship.

Young Adult Pick…

Oren and Lark in the Skylark series

Forced out of the dome city she’s lived in her entire life, Lark develops agoraphobia, the empty presence of the sky above too much for her. Oren a wild boy she meets in a pocket of magic starts to follow her and she eventually realizes she couldn’t have made it without him… but what now? There are no easy answers for these two whose bond has become one of life and death. What makes this couple work is Oren makes sure to remain the one constant in Lark’s life as she’s chased across their magiked steampunk world.

To be completely frank this is a war I can’t win… I love all of these unique couples, book series and other forms of story included. Favorite “anythings” manage the perfect balance of elements to touch our hearts and make characters come to life.