My name is K.M. IMG_3763 step2Robinson of K.M. Robinson Photography and Reading Transforms and I am so excited to be able to share two amazing opportunities with you!

Through Reading Transforms I am offering a series of free online courses in addition to our author and book blogger resources, the next of which will take place this March.IMG_4645 bootcamp

I will be hosting an Author Bootcamp course that will focus on branding and platform building by working on design, marketing and branding for both the author and their books. This class is limited to ten students and will run for the month of March. Students will be able to view one short lesson per weekday that will be available to view whenever the participant’s schedule allows them to jump on the site. Each day will also have a short mission that they can begin to work on. Weekends are built in for catch up if the week ends up being busier than expected. All participants will have access to a secret Facebook group where they can engage with other participants and the instructor to ask questions, encourage each other and show off their progress. This course will be held again throughout the year, but there is no time like the present to begin developing and enhancing your brand while engaging and finding new fans.

bootcamp author course graphic IMG_1936 step1 March 2016I will also be hosting a Book Blogger Bootcamp that will focusing on expanding blogs and online platforms while coming up with creative and unique ways to promote both the blog and the books the blog features. We will be working on design, creating engaging and unique content, branding, and marketing. This course will run for the month of March and participants will be able to view one short lesson per weekday, with weekends left open for catch up should the week get unforeseeably busy. These lessons will be available for participant to view at any point in the day when they have time to jump on the site. Each day will have a mission for participants to begin work on that will help grow their blog one step at a time. We’ll discuss copyright law, design, marketing, and branding. Each participant will have access to a secret Facebook group that will allow the participants to interact with each other and the instructor, ask questions and show off their work. During this course participants will not only improve their imagery skills, but learn to define their brand and market it to engage with their readers and find new fans. This course is limited to ten participants, but will be held again through the year.IMG_1563 step 1 author bootcamp march

I’m so excited to offer these amazing opportunities to you. I am currently running an Author Bootcamp this month and it has been amazing and the participants are making incredible changes that have opened many doors to them. I can not wait for you to join us for the Author Bootcamp and Book Blogger Bootcamp courses this March.

For more information you can visit the Reading Transforms course websites.

Author Bootcamp:

Book Blogger Bootcamp: