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Tortured Truths, by Randy Attwood - CoverMystery Novel Tortured Truths by Randy Attwood is 99 cents on July 18

Once a journalist, always a journalist.” Until the Hezbollah get a hold of you and show you just what a coward you are. Philip McGuire was already a burnt-out foreign correspondent before the Hezbollah kidnapped him in Beirut and, under torture by exposing the nerves of his hand, got him to give the layout of the Marine compound he had visited. They blow it up, killing those 237 soldiers. Then why release Philip, whose psyche is now blown to smithereens with guilt?

The hand gets repaired. Philip quits journalism and returns to his college town to buy and run a bar and try to repair his psyche. A brash Hispanic journalism student teaches him to love again and she starts his healing process. But local drug plots and the young journalist’s prying bring him full cycle right back to the hands of the Hezbollah. But this time he just might be able to sort out all the double-crosses.

First in a series novels about Philip McGuire. His years as a foreign correspondent provide the experience — college professors provide the knowledge — to solve various mysteries brought to him in his bar.

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Heart Chants, by Randy Attwood - CoverSupernatural Thriller Heart Chants by Randy Attwood is 99 cents on July 19

Phillip McGuire gave up journalism to own and run a bar in Lawrence, Kansas. He’s happy with his new house in the country. But something is missing.

When two Navajo female students go missing from Haskell Indian college, he agrees to shelter a third. Then a mysterious beautiful Chinese woman stumbles into his life. And all the while, Coyote is working on the largest sandpainting ever created and advancing his plan to reopen the gates to the Navajo’s Holy People.

Just how burnt-out is Phillip when he knows it is up to him to sniff out the truth?

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Satirical novel Spill: Take That Big Oil! by Randy Attwood is 99 cents on July 20

Veteran Kansas journalist, editor, publisher, and columnist, John Marshall, whose reporting specialty is politics, has this to say about SPILL, by Randy Attwood:

“Think all politicians are creeps, the rules are locked in against you and the world is forever in the grip of big politics and Bigger Oil? Think again. Attwood has.

SPILL is a what-if adventure, starting with a couple of insurgent citizens who con the establishment and get rich along the way. In Attwood’s world, all the old clichés are real and the system is rigged from the start - until it’s un-rigged by good guys bad to the bone - the funny bone.

From page one to the end, SPILL enlightens, amuses and instructs us that, one day, someone just might game the system - and get away with it. Attwood, brilliantly, shows us how.”

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Blow Up The Roses, by Randy Attwood - CoverMurder mystery Blow Up the Roses by Randy Attwood is 99 cents on July 21

How much pain, horror and anguish can one cul d’sac endure?

Why is so much murder, mystery and sexual brutality condensed among the few duplex homes built so close together on the Elm Street cul d’sac?

The answers lie within the language of flowers; and the language of flowers can be brutally frank.

Of course, if you speak it, it can also save your life.

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