QStatus Quo is Latin for ‘the state of which’ and is defined as the existing state of affairs. It’s a word we love to toss around when talking about social norms or making changes. I think quo isn’t actually a thing, or a what, but rather, a who. WE are the quo. With technology and connectivity at an all time high, we have much more power to decide what kinds of products we want, how we communicate and relate to brands, what is usual or atypical.

A great example of this is the death of the damsel. With the immense popularity of book and movie franchises with strong female leads such as Hunger Games and Divergent, women in combative and less frilly roles are a new norm, a sensation that has sprung hundreds of thousands of novels in the YA publishing sector into stronger female narratives.

It is also becoming more neutralized (and dramatized) that women seek more sexual novels and with it a lack of shyness that previously existed.

Young males are increasing joining the bookish community (yay) and we are seeing a surge in more neutral covers (again, yay!) and a rising trend in historical/dystopian fiction.

We are increasingly loving books that take an interesting look at status quo now vs. a different time period, and twist it a bit to see what happens, which is half the reason we fell in love with Princess of Tyrone, the first of the Fairytale Galaxy novels. It’s a few hundred pages of beautiful contradiction and new perspectives, such as pirate princesses and medieval-like time periods in space…wha!!! Yes.  

What status quo do you want to change in publishing?