Release of David D. Hammons’ second novel Don’t Eat the Glowing Bananas

Springfield, MO


In the shimmering fallout of the post-apocalyptic genre’s rocketing rise in popularity, Curiosity Quills Press announces the publication of David D. Hammons’ second novel, a parody of classic world-ending novels set in a nuclear blasted United States in desperate need of quality produce. The book will be released December 7, 2015 in the US.


It’s hard to find a decent brunch in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. But that’s all Henry Rosetta wants from the world. That, and not to be eaten by nomadic cannibals. Henry has traveled the nuclear bomb-blasted highways critiquing the finest radioactive eateries and cataloging his experiences. All the while, he’s been searching for the knowledge of why the bombs fell. It’s this hunger for specialty food and forbidden knowledge that brings Henry to the city of New Dallas. There, Henry meets a green-skinned mutant, a katana-wielding assassin, and a horrible dictator who claims to know why the bombs fell. Henry must help the people of New Dallas and learn the great secret of how the world ended. And maybe get a taco along the way.


David D. Hammons has started working as a full-time author and editor after traveling the world selling black walnuts, learning about foods both dark and illuminating. He is an adjunct professor of Logistics at Missouri State University and lives in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri.


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