A Side-Dish Serving of Romance, by J. Lynn Else
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I have to admit…I’ve never been a huge fan of straight-up romance novels or movies.  On the other hand, my husband enjoys watching the occasional “Rom-Com.”  When he asks me to join him, my typically response is, “are there aliens in the movie too?”  Now if you want to […]
The Curiosity Quills Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, by Nina Post
Don’t get in trouble this year! Curiosity Quills presents your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, featuring themed gift packages around the following excellent books: Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service, Emma and the Silk Thieves, and The Actuator 3: Chaos Chronicles. And all of the gifts are under $50! Rasputin’s Supernatural Dating Service When the dates don’t work […]
The Marriage of True Minds, by Samantha Bryant
Shakespeare’s Sonnet #116 is one of my favorites. Who can forget Kate Winslet reciting it in the rain, her broken heart ravaging her face in Sense and Sensibility? She thought she and Willoughby had something eternal, but he broke her heart over mere money. In particular I love this line: “Love is not love/ Which […]
It Never Rains, But It Floods, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
So by the time you read this, the lion’s share of my taxes should be done, meaning that I’ll be done categorizing all of my deduction. (I just have a couple hours left as I set this blog post up.) I still have to copy down all the totals onto the worksheet my tax guy […]
What Am I Doing To Level Up?, by Kat Smith
  Hello CQ World… Once upon a time, I was a shy kid, I felt out of place in England after spending my first few years of life in Zambia, and this made me change and I went from being an imaginative child to one that tried to hide, and hide I did until I […]
2017 Writing Resolutions, by Chloe Harris
New Years’ resolutions. Turning a new leaf. A clean slate. A new start. A new me. And all the other cliché phrases you can tag onto that. And poor 2017 has a lot resting on her shoulders. Everyone has high hopes and expectations for 2017 seeing as though 2016 is still weeping in the corner, […]
Pit People Early Access Preview, by Jason Purdy
Jason Purdy got an early access to Pit People, and here's a preview.
You Can’t Fight Goblins Forever, by Benjamin Sperduto
If you’ve ever played a fantasy themed video game or roleplaying game, you’re probably intimately familiar with goblins. They’re the annoying little bastards ambushing you in dark corridors, poking you with sharpened sticks, or trying to overwhelm you with sheer numbers during the first combat encounter of your first adventure. They don’t look like much, […]
MY TOP BOOKS OF 2016, by The Royal Polar Bear
In This Life by Christine Brae offers not just love but also a huge fraction of pain, loneliness and fear. It will envelops you wholly with its compelling and heavy strikes of words. With Christine Brae’s new embrace to literacy, for fans of her, In This Life feels like an amazing improvement compare to her […]
E.S. Wesley, by E.S. Wesley
Joining Curiosity Quills for another edition of our Author Spotlight: Question & Answer Coloumn, is E.S. Wesley, author of newly released young-adult, fantasy THE OUTS, which hit Amazon on January 24, 2017! In the comments, please join us in asking E.S. Wesley anything you’d like to know about writing, his new book, and life in […]