Five Great Hero and Villain Pairings, by Crystal
Great stories need great characters and a great hero needs a great villain. The villain provides conflict. He provides impetus. Otherwise, a hero may just spend their life happily, with no need to travel, to learn. No need to hone their skills in order to fight the forces of evil. A good villain is the […]
Word Count, by Matthew Cox

Word Count

March 3, 2017
By Matthew Cox
Word count. Love ’em or hate ’em. I remember being in school, and being given an assignment to write a 1,000 word essay on something, and feeling like the world had just ended. Oh, if I had only known then… Lately, I’ve made a habit of writing 100,000 word books left and right. The idea […]
Riverdale Recap and Review – Season 1 – Episode 5, by Andrew Buckley
RIVERDALE – Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness I had a real blonde (Betty) moment today when I suddenly realized that all the titles of the Riverdale episodes are named after movies. I went to film school! How did I not catch that?! But enough about me and my shortcomings. We have another episode of Riverdale […]
Death by Cliché 4 In the Can and FanX and Other Cons, by Robert J Defendi writing as Bob Defendi
At almost 2 am Thursday morning, I finished Death by Cliché 4 and turned it in to my writer’s group. I then took a celebratory lap. I’m sorry, that should read “nap.” And by nap, I mean I passed out for five hours. Five hard, hard hours. So that’s done. Thank god. It’s over. Put […]
Darin Kennedy, by Darin Kennedy
Joining Curiosity Quills for another edition of our Author Spotlight: Question & Answer Coloumn, is Darin Kennedy, author of newly released paranormal mystery novel, The Stravinsky Intrigue, which hit Amazon on February 28, 2017! In the comments, please join us in asking Darin Kennedy anything you’d like to know about writing, his new book, and […]
Relationship With Your Editor, by Jordan Elizabeth
I have had people ask me if I ever paid for a professional editor. My books are now edited by the publisher and I have critique partners, but some I did send through a “professional” editor.  Do I regret it? YES. I think I was naïve at the time.  I wanted to get published and […]
Greatest YA Relationships, by Chloe Harris
How fitting seeing as though Valentine’s Day has just passed by! If you’re like me, you spent the evening cozied up with a nice book and wishing that you could date one of the characters in said book. Don’t be ashamed- we all do it! So here is a list of the greatest, most envious […]
10 Romantic Sci-Fi Book Covers That Will Make You Believe There Is Love on Other Planets, by Nya Designs
In a time where ebooks are available one Amazon’s click away, and with so many to chose from, cover design has never been more important in reflecting the tone and the content of a book. When we think about science fiction, romance isn’t the first thing that usually comes to mind, at least not as […]
Watch Dogs 2 – Movie Hacking, by Jason Purdy
A sort of review and a look at video game hacking and the issue of narrative dissonance.
Different Kinds of Love – Bookish Edition, by The Royal Polar Bear
Agape Everyday by David Levithan depicts what Agape really means. Selfless love. “A”, the protagonist of the novel give justice how Selflessness truly means. How you can love someone but you need to let go of that person because you couldn’t given her what she needs the most. I cried so much for this book […]