As any self respecting fan girl would, I have multiple OTPs (or One True Parings). I see it as ‘an OTP per show/book/film/etc’ rather than a hard and fast rule that only one coupling can be the ultimate romance.

Regardless of the amount of OTPs I’ve collected through the seasons and trilogies, there’s some things that they all have in common. The similarities between them all make the ultimate life of what to look for in any relationship, romantic or otherwise.

1) Slow burn.

It’s frustrating and wonderfully at the same time when there’s two people perfect for each other and nothing happens between them. When there’s a solid foundation to build romance on later, the story is much sweeter. This is true of fiction and real life. Half the fun is taking the time to get to know a person. There’s no need to hurry.

In the novel I’m currently working on, two characters are taking their sweet time to get together. As frustrating as it is, it’s great to see them blossom in each others company. It’s even more rewarding to realize it’s their doing and not because I pushed them together at the start.

2) Endlessly supporting one another.

Even when they seem to dislike one another, my OTPs tend to have each others back at every point - through life and death; hopes and dreams; and everything in between. Even when they aren’t in complete agreement, they still completely support the other person. Even when it’s not their dream, they still fight for it.

My partner doesn’t want to be an author himself, but he fully supports my ambition to become one and encourages me to work towards it.

3) Calling each other out on their crap.

When you love someone, romantically or platonically, you have the unique privilege of being allowed to tell them when they’re messing up/being a horrible person/acting irrationally. It’s a thin line to walk - supporting each other continuously, calling each other out on their crap? Supporting them doesn’t mean supporting something you don’t agree with.

4) Adventure.

Just by it’s very nature, fictional relationships tend to be more adventurous than your average relationship seems to be. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Maybe you and your partner don’t have a grand quest to undertake, but you can still move to the other side of the world together or visit an adventure park. On a tight budget? Go somewhere new to eat next time you’re out or stream a movie unlike anything you’d usually go for!

To bring adventure to your relationship, you don’t need to live in a YA fantasy. You just need to remove yourself from your everyday routine once in a while.

5) They get each other.

Or at least, they’re empathetic towards each other. You may get someones humor or sarcasm, but if they’ve been through a tragedy unlike anything in your life, then empathizing with them is the best you can do.

These are all things my OTPs have in common and that I strive for in my own relationships. If I had to pick an ultimate OTP, I’d probably pick the AI Lovey and the engineer from Becky Chambers ‘A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet’.

Who are your OTPs and what do you admire about them?