I aim to do a book signing every month.  Sometimes I’m able to squeeze in more than just one.  I appear at craft shows, Renaissance Faires, book stores, conventions, and libraries.  Each book signing is a rewarding experience where I get to talk with readers.  Some people keep coming back to see me; others are new to my books.  While each experience is beautiful, there are some moments that stand out more than others.

1.       At my first signing for a ghost story anthology, a man approached my table to call me evil for writing about ghosts.  He then lectured me about unleashing demons.  He explained to passersby that by reading the anthology, they would be opening a portal.  I really hope the book has never opened any portals.

2.      A teenage boy asked to buy a copy of UNDER A BRASS MOON for a quarter.  He didn’t take “the book costs $15” well.

3.      I had to share a table with another author at a convention.  I’d never met her before, but they put us together because she also wrote young adult fantasy. She had fliers listing her books and their blurbs.  She spread these fliers out all over the table. I do mean ALL OVER.  She covered my books with her fliers.  When I asked her to move them, she told me it was important people know she had more than just the books she’d brought.  One of the conventions employees came over to deal with this and the author threw a childish temper tantrum.  This is an example of how not to make friends at a book convention.

4.      At another convention, I was paired with another author I didn’t know.  She had over ten erotica books written and had brought her entire family along (parents, brothers, sisters, husband, kids).  She covered the table with her merchandise and her family took up the space behind.  I didn’t have a chair, or room to stand, and I only had enough table space to place two books side-by-side. This convention didn’t intervene even though I had paid $50 for half a table. 

5.       A teenage girl told me she waited all year for May so she could read my next book.  She asked to have her picture taken with me.

6.      A man approached my table to tell me about the voices in his head.  He kept switching personalities throughout our conversation.

7.       A girl raved to me about how much she loves TREASURE DARKLY and asked about the symbolism behind the blue dress Amethyst wears.  I felt bad telling her it was blue just because I love the color, not because I spent hours deep in thought.

8.      I met an amazing young adult author who lived about an hour away.  We were able to swap books and marketing strategies.  We still keep in touch today, and have done a few more signings together.

9.      A kid pushed over my banner and broke the stand.  The mom thought it was funny.  I didn’t.

10.   A man bought two books for his daughter.  She and I chatted, and after they left, I saw he’d forgotten his change on the edge of the table.  If you’re reading this, sir, I still have it for you!

11.    A girl bought a book from me because her name is also Jordan Elizabeth.

12.   I always wear costumes to the Renaissance Faires.  At one, a woman lifted up my skirt to see what “Renaissance undergarments” look like.  I disappointed her with my Victoria’s Secret panties.  While the breeze on a hot day felt good, I didn’t appreciate the personal space intrusion.

13.   A girl bought a copy of ESCAPE FROM WITCHWOOD HOLLOW because the model on the cover appears to have pink hair.  She told me she will buy anything pink.