I approach everything in one of two ways - obsessively or not at all. Writing, fitness, gaming…

If I’m not all in, I’m not doing it at all.

Contradictory to my all in attitude, I’m beginning to realize there’s a need for balance too.

Enter the level 10 life concept.

I first discovered the level 10 life concept through the bullet journaling community, but that’s not necessarily it’s origin. Creating your level 10 life begins with measuring your levels of satisfaction in different areas of your life and taking steps to improve it.

Areas of focus include family, career and health.

Goals towards improving the familial area of your life could be as simple as attending more family gatherings.

When it comes to making resolutions, keeping your level 10 life in mind can help you remain focused on what’s important to you.

What steps are you going to take towards your level 10 life?