This again? Yes, this again! There’s still a killer on the loose and with new evidence comes new suspects. And as we’re sadly without a new episode of Riverdale for a couple more weeks, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the current list of likely (and unlikely) suspects.

**Spoilers Ahead! - If you’re not up to date on the latest episode of Riverdale, turn back now while you still can. You’ve been warned**

Here’s what we know:

  • Jason disappeared on July 4th but the autopsy revealed he was killed a week later.
  • There’s a generational feud going on between the Coopers and the Blossoms over maple syrup … that’s right, maple syrup.
  • Polly is preggers with Jason’s baby and, for reasons that are not entirely clear, they were going to run away together.
  • Jason’s hidden car was discovered and was found to contain drugs along with his jacket.
  • Jason’s jacket was spotted hanging in Mr. Jones’ closet.

So, Who Killed Jason Blossom? Let’s take a look at the suspects …


Jughead Jones - Although he was arrested ever so briefly, and his dad is the leader of some shady biker gang, Jughead is the most unlikely of suspects. However, he’s yet to provide an alibi for his whereabouts on July 4th. But let’s face it, he’s a main character, and a fan favourite. It’s not him.

Fred Andrews - Not a chance. Nicest guy in Riverdale. Not a murderer.

Archie Andrews - Main character of the entire show and he was far too busy nailing his music teacher on July 4th. Sadly, this also means Mrs. Grundy is also off the hook.

Veronica Lodge - Wasn’t even in town. She shouldn’t be on this list. But she’s awesome and worth mentioning.

Mr. Jones - Riverdale is full of twists and turns and Jason’s jacket hanging in Mr. Jones’ closet seems to be damning evidence. He’s a biker with a gang, he’s been arrested a number of times, and he looks a lot like Skeet Ulrich. However, it’s the jacket being in his closet that breaks the deal for me. It’s too obvious so it can’t be him.

Cheryl Blossom - It was a possibility early on but Cheryl went from being too obvious of a choice to being too broken to be a suspect. Jason was her only form of stability at home and with him gone, she’s likely to go crazier as time goes on. But for the time being, she’s off the list.


Betty Cooper - She’s almost off the list because she’s a main character … but then again, she has that weird disassociated dark side that we’ve yet to deal with. Could Jason have been killed by a blonde wearing a black wig, armed with a bottle of maple syrup?

Mr. & Mrs. Cooper - These guys fall under the ‘too obvious’ category even though they’re clearly slightly unhinged. They have the motive thanks to the family feud and Mr. Cooper was the one to destroy the murder wall in Sheriff Keller’s house but there’s too much evidence against them so it can’t be them. Can it?

Polly Cooper - I really didn’t think Polly even existed but it turns out she’s real and pregnant. Did she kill Jason and then lose her mind and get committed to the asylum, or is she truly the love of Jason’s life? If she’s the killer, what’s the motive? She stays on the list.

Kevin Keller - Kevin should be on the list because he’s simply not an obvious choice. I can’t think of any motive he would have to kill Jason but that’s just the sort of twist the writers of Riverdale would throw at us. I love his character though so I sincerely hope it isn’t him.

Granny Blossom - Sure, she’s in a wheelchair but she’s scary as all hell. Like crypt keeper scary. Yeah, it’s probably not her …

Mr. & Mrs. Blossom - They’re far too attached to their kids, and Jason seemed like he was the golden boy in that family so I can’t imagine it’s them, although Penelope gets points for being extra bat-s**t crazy.

Chuck Clayton - After Chuck was exposed as a slut shamer, there was a closing narrative that suggested there would be consequences in the weeks to come. Does this mean more will be revealed about Riverdale’s former football star? Maybe the revelation of a dark past? He stays on the list.


It changes week to week but at the moment I feel Joaquin is the most likely killer. Who’s Joaquin? He’s the Southside Serpent that made out with Kevin at the drive-in! The Southside Serpents are clearly the bad guys of Riverdale and Kevin’s new love interest is perfectly positioned to plant a jacket in a fellow gang-member’s closet. Being the love interest of the Sheriff’s son would also cause lots of drama if he was convicted and would cause conflict between Kevin and his father. My money’s on Joaquin …

Who do you think’s the most likely suspect?