KKarma Patrol comes out tomorrow and we could not be more excited! If you are from the south and you don’t know someone who is just like Jade, then it’s probably because you are the friend just like Jade. Her partner Luke is much more Brooklyn and down to earth. So as you can imagine things start off…interestingly…between these two supposed ‘soulmates’. Jade is a Karmic Enforcer, which means that she is in charge of keeping people’s karmic paths clear and balanced, and stops other’s free will from getting in the way of everyone getting what they deserve. At least for Midtown West NY.

We asked author Kate Miller to give us the low-down on Jade before Karma Patrol comes out tomorrow, here’s what we learned:

Jade is a ‘carry a mini-curling iron in her purse’ kind of gal, to Luke’s annoyance, and her fictional wardrobe is most real-life girl’s fantasy closet. Her idea of a cute outfit is a cocktail dress, the perfect pair of Louboutin’s, and a trenchcoat, preferably in pink.

She appreciates the little things in life…in a specific order, exactly to her liking.

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She’s a Hufflepuff. Says the author, “she’s hard-working and nice, and likes to be around other people that are hard-working and nice. She’s brave, but only when she has to be.” In case you were wondering, Kate is a Slytherin. I harbor strong beliefs that all writers are Slytherins, they have to be to be able to make their characters suffer.

If Jade was suddenly transported onto a deserted island, her 3 must haves would be:

1) A curling iron (obviously)

2) wine, the cheaper the better, and a screw top so she could open it

3) Luke, because every girl needs some eye candy with her wine.

You can find the full interview on our FB page here and order Karma Patrol tomorrow, Apri 14th, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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