“If you aren’t being monumentally different, you aren’t standing out at all-­‐ period.”

What happens when you interview the queen of interviewers? A slightly sweating interviewer and intellectual conversation’s galore, at least that’s the case with blog radio star Halli Casser-­‐Jayne. Find out what we talked about:

Nikki: Halli, you’ve had guests ranging through a variety of topics and themes, including most recently a Hiroshima survivor, a celebrity chef, and even talked Oscars with Diane Ladd. Those are remarkably different. How do you focus yourself while staying so broad? In other words, what’s your shtick?

Halli: I do have a diverse audience, but an intellectually sound one. I’d say my focus is to elevate the conversation. I’ve learned not to follow the market trends, but to talk
about what I want to talk about. I introduce things that haven’t been talked about before or offer a twist in the perspective of the topic to add a hook. For example, I’m a BlogTalkRadio Show Host who wrote a novel about a mute woman. The angle, the hook, it’s key…it’s everything. Even when I do cover ‘hot topics’ such as the recent Oscars awards, I offer a twist in the discussion or a unique voice to the mix.

Nikki: How can authors get someone like yourself to feature them? How would a pitch grab your attention?

Halli: Engagement is real, so is sharing and being social. Engage people online and in person as often as you can. Do not, by any means, get in people’s face. The worst
thing you can do if you are trying to get media attention is to get in their face and be aggressive. Be real and be human.

I also tell people to be different. Be yourself, but be different. If you aren’t being monumentally different you aren’t standing out at all-­‐ period. I am fascinated with people, I want to learn whom that individual really is, what makes them amazing. An author will peak my interest if they can sell me on how different they are, because that will peak viewers interest. Celebrate what makes you abnormal, it is what draws people in. There is nothing more real than humanity.

Nikki: What advice would you offer to give a great interview?

Halli: Flirt. Interviewing is very much like flirting. It goes back to being yourself and being real. I love interviews that make me feel like we’re sitting at a café chatting. Don’t be succinct; when you respond succinctly in interviews, you don’t allow yourself really open up and find a flow. An interviewer will give to you as much as they get, if you aren’t offering up enough of yourself and your thoughts the interview will fall flat. My best interviews are the ones that lead me through tangents. Those are the genuine interviews where you really discover a person. I don’t want to feel like there are barriers to a person that I’m interviewing.


During this interview I realized that it isn’t just what you say, but how you say it. If you sound like a script, you won’t sound real. Language is key. Even Halli using the phrase ‘pissed off’ made me feel more comfortable in the conversation, because I didn’t feel like she held anything back. She explained that our interview was going well because there were no barriers, she was herself and I was mine, we were genuine. Genuine people are likable people. (It also doesn’t hurt to have a sense of humor, which let me tell you, she does!)

It became very evident that Halli lives and breathes her advice. Her description of the show and our conversation lend themselves to her tagline; Talk Radio for Fine Minds is exactly what she’s about.

BTRLthehallicasserjayneshowlogoAbout Halli Casser-­Jayne

Before we get to who is Halli Casser-­Jayne, let’s make clear what she is:

Halli Casser-Jayne is fun

Halli Casser-­Jayne is frank

Halli Casser-­Jayne is fearless

and,Halli Casser-­Jayne is feisty

These traits are just a part of the sum of the Halli Casser-­Jayne total. Throughout her professional career, Halli has worn many hats: reporter and photographer; actress and documentary producer; radio personality; author, editor and publisher. Her many accomplishments include writing and producing the six-­‐hour rockumentary on The Doors as well as collaborating with Doors drummer John Densmore on his autobiography Riders on the Storm. She is the author and photographer of Still Life:

Images of Antietam, and A Year in my Pajamas with President Obama, her celebrated book about the 2008 presidential campaign.
As a foreign correspondent during the 1980s, Halli showed her fearlessness when she reported in the danger zones of war-­‐torn Central America. Her frankness and feistiness has been expressed via her opinions and commentary on The Halli Casser-­Jayne blog.

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