Diapers.  Sterilizing bottles (Okay, sterilizing everything).  Changing soiled clothes.  Welcome to my life as of October 2016.

Before then, my life was quiet different, and my books reflected that.  For one thing, I dedicated at least one hour a night to writing and an hour to marketing.  (Writing?  Marketing?  What is that now?)  My settings might have been set in fantasy worlds that don’t exist outside of my imagination, but the characters and many of the incidents paralleled real life.

The previous owners of Honoria’s new home grew pot in the basement. Check.

Jeremiah watches hay ripple in the wind.  Check.

Edna suffers the contempt of strangers on a crowded trolley.  Check.

My stories now deal with something new - having a baby.  I’m able to write about little humans with the knowledge that only comes from having one scream at you for no reason that you can discern.  The first thing I wrote after returning home from the hospital was a short story about how tired my husband and I are every morning.  When I say “returning home from the hospital,” I don’t mean that day, as would have been the case before.  I didn’t get a chance to write anything until November.

The editor for the short story raved about how realistic it felt, and she commented on how my writing had matured.  It was more “succinct.”

Well, I can see that.  No longer can I dawdle for an hour over one chapter.  No longer do I have the luxury of deleting a paragraph to try it again.  Now it is all about making the most from my writing time.  I only have 7-8pm, and that’s not even every day, because sometimes I just need that hour to get some uninterrupted sleep.  7-8pm is when dinner is done, the dishes have been washed (hopefully.  If not, they’re waiting for tomorrow), laundry is hanging up to dry, and my husband is able to watch our son before he goes to bed (ah, how wonderful going to bed at 8 must feel!).  That sweet, sweet hour is meant for writing, editing, and marketing.  By golly, I am going to make it work!

Reading over my writing since October, I can see how it has grown.  A major aspect I’m noticing is the maturity of my characters.  While I still enjoy writing for the young adult audience, I want to try my hand at adult novels.  I’m thinking character need to have babies now, and I have hundreds of ideas about what will ensue.

My upcoming WICKED TREASURE, the third installment in the Treasure Chronicles, does involve Clark and Amethyst with their child.  At the time when I wrote the manuscript, having a son wasn’t on my mind, and I needed to ask my friends for guidance to make sure the scenes were realistic.  While those scenes are still realistic, I can look back on that story with a fresh outlook.

Taking care of my son has also inspired me to write picture books.  I have plenty of ideas for those too.

I foresee “Books by Jordan Elizabeth” taking an interesting turn for the future.  Young adult books will still be written, but watch for adult and kid books too.  Do I know if they will succeed?  Will they rank on Amazon like COGLING, one of my young adult fantasies?  Maybe, maybe not, but it will be fun moving into the next level of my writing career.