My father used to be very strict. He talks less, smiles rarely, loves unconditionally and forgives thoroughly. I’m fortunate to have a father like him. He is my role model, my hero. I felt fathers were kind of underrated until recently. The Father’s Day helped, I guess. Still most of the kids don’t talk to their fathers as openly as they talk to their mothers. I wondered why.

Over the times, we’ve been seeing many fathers.. some around us, some on the TV, some in the movies we watch and some in the books we read. Father is the one person whom we look upto, the one person who takes our responsibilities. He is the one who not only gives life to us, but also, plays a huge role in making us into the person who we are today. Father is the one who protects us from this world when we are young and also, slowly teaches us how to fight this world while growing up. Even as a child, we are taught to kneel down in prayer and call out for “Father who art in Heaven”. We secretly hope for our Heavenly Father to take care of us, to protect us, to provide us our daily bread and to deliver us from evil.

Personally being a book worm, I found a father or more in each and every story. There are some impressive fathers in some movies and TV shows. I guess many of us look up to those fictional father characters at some point or the other. The most impressive fictional father figures from my point of view are, Christopher Gardner from The Pursuit of Hapyness, Mufasa from The Lion King, Bryan Mills from Taken, Vito Corleone from The Godfather, Solomon Vandy from Blood Diamond, and Ethan Webb and W. F. Gerald from The Only Living Boy in New York.

There are some amazing fathers in bible, too. Joseph for example, didn’t abandon his pregnant wife. He stood as a rock and protected Mary and Jesus. David, too, was an incredible father.

Being a father is about responsibility and immense love. Not everyone becomes a great father but I believe the effort to be a fine father in itself is a great achievement. We must appreciate all such fathers. On the occasion of the Father’s Day, I salute all those wonderful fathers who did their best at being a good father, all those fathers who didn’t run away from responsibilities, those fathers who worked day and night to provide for their families and those fathers who sacrificed a lot in order to make sure that their kids succeeded.