Everyday by David Levithan depicts what Agape really means. Selfless love. “A”, the protagonist of the novel give justice how Selflessness truly means. How you can love someone but you need to let go of that person because you couldn’t given her what she needs the most. I cried so much for this book and whenever I talked about it, it makes my heart yearn for their love —  the love should have been there for them. With David Levithan’s truly majestic writing style. He encompasses and deliver us a well written novel of wonder.


I want to talk about here the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray. Looking at in different perspective, the book is written for ourselves not just to understand our partner - or maybe the opposite sex. It indicates that we have different interpretation and perspective. By focusing and reading the book, we indulge to our own differences and accept what our own flaws based on our action as a male or a female. It also discusses that we need to look deep into understanding each other however, I also think that while understanding your partner, you also understand yourself. I learned that my actions has greater effects than I could imagine, I realized that my words has greater voice and impact on oneself. This may be a book for the couples but this is a novel for everyone to love their self.


It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover set enduring love in the action! When people are blinded by love, even if your special someone, abuses you or taken you for granted, you’ll endure anything they do and you will accept their flaws because love no boundaries. With the magnificent and excellent novel that Hoover brought us, it will make you realize that love should have a limit. That love is not enough to hold on to when you are beginning to set the motion not for yourself but for someone you love more than yourself. This book will make you cry three times more than you expected and you’ll see how our protagonist, Lily, endures everything for the name of love.


I think the novel that I could think of when I heard Obsessive Love is Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan. The author given the book a new whole meaning about desires, pain and challenges. I couldn’t think of anything about obsessive that it reaches the point of inflicting physical and mental injuries. This book taught me that similar actions could have a whole different effect on a person. It may be their reason to go on or it may be the reason to left the world. It just shows that love is merciless.


Because I love giving you guys more pain than I thought it would be. I am proudly to recommend, Cynthia Hand’s The Last Time We Say Goodbye! The book shows two things. Playful love which corresponds to Ludus and Unconditional Love. This book made me smile so much and hurt me to the core. I never thought that this book would be the best YA Contemporary Book of mine. It shows how two kinds of love portrays a set of actions that could lead to both something you’ll feel guilty of and something you’ll be regretful of. Both of it are wonders that I was amazed that Cynthia Hand could pull it off. Her books are definitely a must read!


My example for Familiar Love is definitely my recent read, Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran! I couldn’t imagine how the character surpass her distance with her son when she was in the jail because she was an illegal immigrant. It was appraisable, outstanding and explosive. It captures the emotions that no words could describe how a mother’s love will do for her son. Wild, imaginative, vivid and raw. It will bring you to the realistic way of life.


Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven nailing the affectionate love. Never thought that this book will touch my heart and made me realized that I have to love myself. It was affectionate at some point, understanding at some point and above all, it is loving. It taught me that love could go boundaries and it will hold you up and love you dearly. Never underestimate yourself because you are beautiful on your own way.


Mia Asher’s Arsen is the book we need for this! Whenever I remember this book - it makes my heart yearn and my mouth cursed. It is the epitomy of maximum pain. I could never imagined how the author survive the writing stage of the book. It is so painful for all her characters that I don’t know whom to choose or to root with. I only remember is that, by loving, be sure that you are ready for pain. They go hand in hand together.