As part of our December Sitewide 99 Cents Sales, the following science-fiction titles are on sale for 99 Cents; December 15 – 16.


A Swift Kick In The Asteroids by Edward Zajac

The Accidental Superheroine by Kris Carey, J.R. Rain

The Actuator: Borderlands Anthology

The Actuator 2: Return of the Saboteur by Aiden James, James Wymore

The Actuator: Fractured Earth by Aiden James, James Wymore

Altar of Reality by Mara Valderran

The Artful Blog tour
The Artful by Wilbert Stanton

Artificial FB Banner
Artificial by Jadah McCoy

Automatic Woman, by Nathan Yocum - Wallpaper
Automatic Woman by Nathan L. Yocum

Change of Life, by Samantha Bryant

Cipher, by S.E. Bennett - Wallpaper
Cipher by S.E. Bennett

Copied, by S.M. Anderson - Wallpaper
Copied by S.M. Anderson

Dead Girl Running by Ann Noser

Dead New World Ryan Hill
Dead New World by Ryan Hill

Division Zero, by Matthew Cox - Wallpaper
Division Zero by Matthew Cox

Don’t Eat The Glowing Bananas by David Hammons

Driftwood by Jessica Gunn

The Flight to Mecha by Kris Carey, Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.

Gears of Brass Wallpaper
Gears of Brass: A Steampunk Anthology

The God Particle, by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr. - Wallpaper
The God Particle by Rod Kierkegaard, Jr.

Going Through the Change, by Samantha Bryant - Wallpaper
Going Through the Change by Samantha Bryant

Gyre by Jessica Gunn

Hand of Raziel by Matthew Cox

The Indomitable Ten: A Superhero/Supervillain Novella Anthology

The Kulture Vultures & the Plot to Steal the Universe, by William Vitka & Bill Vitka - Wallpaper
The Kulture Vultures & the Plot to Steal the Universe by William Vitka

Landlocked by Jessica Gunn

Leap of Space, by Sharon T. Rose - Wallpaper
Leap of Space by Sharon T. Rose

Missing Parts by, Ethan Mawyer - Wallpaper
Missing Parts by Ethan Mawyer

Operation Chimera: A Far From Home Series by Matthew Cox, Tony Healey

Outto Facebook Wallpaper
Otto Von Trapezoid and the Empress of Thieves by Jesse Baruffi

Paradise Earth: Day Zero, Anthony Mathenia - Wallpaper
Paradise Earth: Day Zero by Anthony Mathenia

Supervillain, by Richard Roberts - Wallpaper
Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain by Richard Roberts

Pop Travel by Tara Tyler

Princess of Tyrone Facebook Banner
Princess of Tyrone by Katie Hamstead

Prophet of the Badlands by Matthew Cox

Rings In Time, by Trude Meister - Wallpaper
Rings in Time by Trude Meister

Scrapbook of My Revolution, by Amy Lynn Spitzley - Wallpaper
Scrapbook of My Revolution by Amy Lynn Spitzley

Shadow of a Dead Star, by Michael Shean

Simulation by Tara Tyler

Strings, by G. Miki Hayden - Wallpaper
Strings by G. Miki Hayden

Theocracide, by James Wymore - Wallpaper
Theocracide by James Wymore

Thrall by Matthew Cox

Under A Brass Moon Anthology

bannerfacebook unhappenings
Unhappenings by Edward Aubry

Untaken, by J.E. Anckorn - Wallpaper
Untaken by J.E Anckorn

Virtual Immortality, by Matt Cox - Wallpaper
Virtual Immortality by Matthew Cox

The Zero Point, by Nafeez Ahmed - Wallpaper
Zero Point by Nafeez Ahmed