In the last year, I’ve lost about seventy-five pounds. I did it all for Cera. Or at least that’s what I promised my hair stylist I would say yesterday, when she was holding a sharp implement.

Wymore doesn’t control a monopoly on threatening conversations. I suspect they studied at the same cosmetology school.

As a side note, Cera also told me that she’s almost finished with her MBA. She has another college degree and she went to cosmetology school. She said that cosmetology was the most intellectually challenging of the three. She needed to learn anatomy, geometry, and algebra just to start. She said it made the others look easy by comparison.

None of that involves audiobooks, but I thought it was interesting.

My goal of finishing recording the audiobook by the end of the year is straining some. We were about two sessions behind this morning before I was supposed to record and last night I got very sick. Nothing that was life threatening, of course, but I sneezed for about five minutes without a break and at the end my voice had turned into gravelly hamburger. So I had to cancel recording today. There’s something to be said for manning up and working when you’re sick, but when you’re talking about voice recording a continuous performance, the voice has to actually match.

So I’ll need to try to get a makeup session or two in there. We’re already planning one Christmas weekend. We probably need one to two more.

Last Sunday we had our first makeup session. We recorded about three and a half hours before my voice failed, with a few breaks in there to recover. We would have probably made up about a half session more than we did, but the audio tech lost the original recording of Chapter One, and he’d done something to the version he was working with that made it sound terrible. He was very apologetic, but I didn’t mind much. I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable recording since then, so I liked getting a second shot at it. It’s the longest chapter in the book, however, so we lost makeup time.

Seriously, though, I was relieved to be asked to do “reshoots.” If we went through this whole process without catching at least one screw up, I’d be suspicious we missed something. Maybe that’s just me being paranoid.

Anyway, as of the end of the weekend, we’d recorded through chapter 41 of 68 chapters. The punch and roll recording is going well. I have chapters now where I only make a five to nine mistakes in an entire chapter. Sunday I hit a record of recording four minutes and twenty seconds without having to stop. 4:20. Insert joke here.

Anyway, today I’m convalescing. Tomorrow I’ll see if I can schedule a makeup session. Now, I’m going to play Fallout 4.

Have a good week, and never take a bet from a man who’s shares a first name with a city.

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