Various things happened over my vacation. Mainly, I caught up on Halloween stuff. I have this tradition of playing horror (or at least atmospheric) computer games for Halloween, but this year everything was displaced by the release of Civilization VI, which I’d preordered. So after pushing through the final content edits on DbC 2, and starting my Thanksgiving Vacation I jumped into some games.
I played Bioshock 2 (atmospheric.) I learned that Five Nights at Freddy’s is an absolutely brilliant game that I’d rather watch Markiplier play than play myself, and I learned that being hunted by a xenomorph for six hours straight in Alien: Isolation is absolutely exhausting (but worth it).
This morning, for breakfast, I went through an accepted my final changes on DbC 2 (about six commas and the like) and dropped in my author’s bio, then realized I’m in about four anthologies that aren’t listed in my bio, so sent out requests for the titles of the ones that haven’t actually released yet.

No podcast today (I write these on Sunday). I’ll try to finish the Alien game, and then maybe get some more work done on DbC 4. As soon as the game’s over, I’ll throw myself full into finishing my plot blueprint of the book. I’ve got Act One done and the whole thing plotted in general, but I really need to work out the fiddly bits on the whole thing so I can have a solid working document to write from. Right now it’s all kinda hodge podge. All the data is there I just don’t have it in a particularly convenient working document yet.

I guess I don’t have big message this time, unless it’s this: Work is what you do, week in, and week out (barring vacations). It can be a grind, but that’s the grind we sign up for. It’s hard work, and much of it is uphill, and we wouldn’t do it if we had any other choice. But we don’t, so that’s what we do.

In our own, post-vacation, scatter-brained way.

The next installment awaits...
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