All right. For a long time, I’ve been playing Dying Light. I started it in October as my Halloween game and it’s a long game. Also, my schedule is busier now, both socially and writing-wise, so I don’t often get a solid day of playing on any given game. Part of that is that my “game” time has partially been taken up by some roll20 character sheet design that I probably shouldn’t have let myself get roped into. But that really is just all on a personal note. It hasn’t really affected anything professionally. It’s mostly taking longer because it hasn’t affected anything. I’ll keep taking nights off from it to work on writing stuff. I can’t finish an 80-hour game in two weeks anymore, barring a major staycation.

So, updates! Book 3. I noticed that I hadn’t heard anything from my publisher for a while. It turned out to be my fault because when I nudged the publisher about it, they asked me if I’d ever sent them the signed contract. I checked and found out that I, in fact, hadn’t. I merely thought I had. So I sent that in and received my editorial assignment. We’ll start that in earnest right after the holidays with a tentative release date set next year.

Book 4. I’ve been sitting on Book 4 while waiting for movement on Book 3 (not realizing that was my fault). I’ll run it through their style guide this week and send it in.

Book 5. The first draft is done. This will be my project as soon as I finish Dying Light, or sooner if it looks like a risk I won’t finish Dying Light in time to finish Book 5 before my Christmas Break (I try not to do be draft revision during my actual vacations, so I’ll want to time it to be done before the 21st, which is my first day off, or better yet, the 20th which is the night my vacation starts.)

Book 6. This was my big push of NaNo, and I hoped to have enough of it done that I could kinda take December off, but the fact that it’s a comedy and that whole rib/lack of sleep thing through a wrench in that. Still, I haven’t missed a writer’s group so I’m still on schedule, and I just passed the midpoint in the novel, so it’s coming along nicely.


I don’t know what happens beyond book 6 yet. I don’t intend to stop DbC novels, but I might well take a break and start alternating in other novels. I might try to take them in a slightly new direction. At the end of book 6, I feel like they want to branch out. Book 6 is kinda my Return of the Jedi (in more ways than one). I’m not sure what the series looks like after. I’m curious to figure that out.
Hopefully a few of you are too.

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