After I’ve played a big game like Divinity Original Sin 2, much less two big games like it in a row (I hit the end of the first game over the holidays), I tend to have built up quite the to-do list. If I’ve been playing normal length games, I might just need a day or two to catch up (barring a major novel edit), or I might be able to catch up on my to-do list an hour a night before I start playing something, at the beginning of the game before I get really hooked. Not so with a truly huge game. Much less, as I said, two.

I’ve been working for over a week now on various odds and ends, trying to put them to bed before I take some evenings off again. I promised Amber Argyle I’d do another map for her, for her next book. That will be done with just another hour or two of work (the longest parts of those maps are the customer symbols that always come up, and I’ve finished all of them now). I’m also nearly done itemizing my deductions for my taxes. I assume I still need to do that after the new tax laws. We’ll see what the tax guy says after he’s had time to look at the numbers. I MIGHT finish both of those Wednesday night. If not, Saturday for sure (I have plans Thursday and Friday).

Also, I went through every digital map I own and reorganized them so I could find them when running a game. That’s not really writing related, but it’s been bugging me and it gave me something to do when my brain burned out on work that didn’t involve me starting a new game. That last is the real risk…that I’ll get burned out and need to start something non-work to recharge. That project got me through all these big, tedious tasks like taxes. (The map making isn’t tedious, I love it, but I can only work on custom symbols for so long before I flame out.)

So. Things are good. I’ve queued up a ten-hour game (The Last Guardian), for my next play. That should get me to LTUE and maybe through it. With luck, I’ll finish it just as I get notes back on DbC3 just as I finish that. I don’t know what’s queued up after it. Something long, probably. A gift from Howard Tayler.

The next installment awaits...
Slouching Towards Amazon: LTUE Post Mortem