-680b41af-dfd4-4e77-ae1e-4f3df3828f22The Jedi’s Movie Review:

Most of us have fond memories of watching the old Ninja Turtle movies as a kid. They were extremely cheesy, yet they could always find a way to make us laugh. The turtles were relatable, and they inspired us. They showed us if we stand by our friends, we will be stronger than even the worst evils in this world. They showed us it was okay to be different, that our differences make us who we are. They could also kick some serious butt. They were only teenagers, yet they could still manage to beat their powerful archenemy the Shredder, even when their talented master, Splinter, and the entire police force of New York, couldn’t. They showed us that despite our age, we could make a difference. Not to mention they were giant mutant ninja turtles, who loved to eat pizza and said funny words like cowabunga.

Of course, looking back, I realize how tacky the films were, but their messages still ring true. Their stories will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m happy to say the new ninja turtle movie still holds the majority of the same values and will hopefully bring the new generation the happiness the old movies brought me. Sure, the turtles lost some of their charm with their new ‘in your face’ personalities and the big action scenes sacrificed some of the soul of the story. But it’s still family friendly, and the kids will absolutely love it. I know my ten-year-old daughter did (as well as my thirty-something husband, who suffers from Peter Pan syndrome). Overall, the new Ninja Turtle movie might’ve changed our heroes a bit, but they’re still totally righteous, dude!

The Padawan’s Movie Review:

This movie doesn’t have all the fun zany aspects of the old film. I mean they only say cowabunga once, and they were ashamed about it. In fact, they’re a bit creepy now, less fun looking and more huge, dinosaur reptile. I liked this new remake though…enough, but it did leave out some of the crucial parts of the ninja turtle storyline. Let me start off my review with the part I did like. I loved the accessories added to their appearance. In the old movies, the only thing that differed in the looks was their bandana color, and often times you couldn’t even tell the orange and red one apart. Now their looks match their personalities. Donatello’s face is covered in gadgets and he has glasses, to bring more attention to his brains. Raphael’s bandanna now covers his entire head, which helps to further enhance and showcase the angry and misunderstood lone wolf personality he has. Leonardo has a little plate across his chest that doesn’t particularly stand out, but true leaders don’t worry about standing out. Michelangelo’s appearance really hasn’t changed much, but the plainness helps you to focus on his humor even more.

I don’t like how the turtles have now become immortal. I mean, they’re bulletproof everywhere, even the parts not encased in their shell. And don’t even get me started on Shredder. It’s like Michael Bay has a one track mind that is only NINJA TURTLEScapable of thinking about robots, about transformers. He completely destroyed Shredder’s character. Shredder used to be talented beyond compare, but now the only way he is able to almost defeat the turtles is with about a thousand magnetized swords. I don’t even think I saw him use one martial arts move the entire movie. It is no longer a war of who the better ninja is but a war against mutants and a robot. Oh, and remember April O’ Neil, that loveable reporter who the fed’s hated? She was pretty and smart, a real rarity. She was always fighting to give people the truth, and the turtle’s number one ally. Well, say goodbye to her. Now all she does is report on yoga and is the laughing stock of the news room. She’s also untrustworthy. She takes pictures and recordings of the turtles time and time again throughout the entire movie, trying to exploit them for her personal gain, even though they saved her life repeatedly. At the end though, she has a sudden change of heart and doesn’t turn them in. Which mind you, this is her only character growth. She even accidently leads the enemy to the turtle’s hideout. I doubt men will mind the new and horrible April O’ Neal, because now they get to stare at Megan Fox for two hours just like all characters in the movie. It truly breaks my heart to see April as just another pretty face.

And where the heck has Casey been this entire movie? We didn’t see so much as a hockey stick from him. You can’t just get rid of Casey, he’s a main character. He’s the turtles’ sidekick; he’s April’s love interest. Oh wait, not is, he was. He no longer exists. Now he’s been replaced by some Vernon Fenwick guy, who only tags along on their journeys to stare at April’s butt. I might be okay with all the character flaws, if there weren’t so many plot holes. I would try to list all them, but quite frankly there’s just too many too put into words. Don’t worry though, they’re very obvious, and you’ll be able to spot them if you bother to go see the movie. Overall, the movie was average and very bland. There were parts that made me laugh and parts that made me wonder what was going through the director and scriptwriter’s head. I wouldn’t go out of my way to advertise or misadvise anyone from seeing this movie. This flick is good if you want to watch a movie where you won’t have to think at all.