Now that Game of Thrones is over, and I’m no longer afraid that if I don’t blog about it, I’ll be stabbed in the back every time I go to the salon for a hair cut, it’s back to the novel-writing grind. And by grind, I mean that I have to continue to produce words, as I always do, but otherwise I’m trying to finish Horizon Zero Dawn before I pick up any major projects. Then I start the last major edit of DbC 4 and turn it in.

In the meantime, I signed the contract for DbC 3. Also, when I say “before I pick up any major projects” I received a dirty ARC for DbC 2: The Wrath of Con. A dirty ARC is an Advanced Readers Copy. Essentially, my job is to re-read the entire thing and try to find typos. My mind is putty at this point, but even though my confidence in my proofreading is pretty low, I found a fair amount of typos while reading the audiobook. One of the best proofing techniques, after all, is to read aloud. I noted all the ones I found at the time, so I’ve been integrating those on my proofread. I should finish my re-read Thursday night. A good thing, too, because I promised I’d be done by the end of the week.

In other news, I’ve started DbC 6. Our writers’ group took a small break for con season and the Writing Excuses Cruise. We start meeting again next week. So I’ll be turning in my first chapters then. With the end of that book, I’ll have two chapters of DbC books. I’m not sure what I’ll do at that point. I don’t think I’ll stop writing them, but I MIGHT start alternating with other books. We’ll see.

Anyway, that updates you on general writing business. Back to your normally scheduled week.

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