Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6 follow.

I desperately wanted to title this blog post, “Help, My Show has Jumped the Zombie Polar Bear.” But I thought that was too spoilery for the title.

So. Most of this episode was a bunch of dudes wandering the white wastes talking about dude stuff while being particularly masculine and also pontificating on the nature of life and death and the meaning of heroism. So basically my typical Friday night, but with slightly fewer Zombie Polar Bears. And slightly more flaming swords, because modern smoke detectors are hella annoying, yo.

So. Tyrion. Nice of him to take that shot about Jon being too “small” for Dany in stride. Also good for him for keeping on task with the whole succession thing, even in light of her getting all up in his grill about him losing their first two allies. It’s a dark time for Tyrion right now. It would be easy just to fold up like a potato bug. Good that he’s still plugging away.

Tormund and the Hound - Oh good God. I love them. I want them to kiss already. These two need to star in a buddy movie spin off right now. Get on that HBO. You can send the check to my PayPal account.

Jorah - I really wanted him to take his sword back. I might have father issues. Still, I’m ready to see him do something other than brood and wander around wrapped in tragedy.

Arya and Little Finger - Little Finger seems to be hell bent on driving a wedge between the sisters, which is a difficult job considering the size of the wedge that’s already there.  At this point, I think he’s just sitting back and watching the fireworks. “Oh, she has a chest full of faces. How sweet.”

Sansa and Brienne - There’s a Star Trek flight simulator here in Pleasant Grove, UT. During one of the missions, I was manning damage control. I remember the computer telling us that the Romulan ship was scanning the bridge and put forth the supposition that it was trying to zero in on the Captain with the intention of beaming him off while our shields were down. I’ll always remember because the next bit happened without a word or a look. Gary Llewelyn, the Captain, stood up and left the captain’s chair without skipping a beat and his brother Scott, the head of security, moved over and sat down in said chair, pantomiming holding two phasers. When Cersei sent an invite to Sansa to come to Kings Landing and Sansa decided to send Brienne instead, it reminded me of that moment, but with more complaining on Brienne’s part. (In Brienne’s defense, that would put her many many miles out of position for defending Sansa.)

Jon and Dany - That last battle was something. The loss of a dragon to the other side. The loss and then reclamation of Jon. Jon vowing to bend knee to Dany. Dany and Jon obviously making full doe eyes at one another at the end. Big, big setup for the last, near movie-length episode of the season.

So stay tuned.

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