Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 to follow.

Well. Things ended on a pretty bleak footing last week, and if storytelling has told us anything, it’s that we need something of a bounce back this week. So, let’s see where everything stands after episode 4.

Sansa and Bran. Not a whole lot of movement on these two. It was nice to see Sansa reunite with her sister. Other than that, her plot didn’t move forward. Bran got a wheelchair. So, yay. Also, we seem to be retconning the time after Bran became the three-eyed raven where he kept acting like Bran. I didn’t imagine that, right? This whole new attitude is a pretty new development this season, right? Anyway, Bran leads us to:

Littlefinger. Holy crap that man is cold. Giving Bran the dagger that someone (probably Joffrey?) used to try to kill him. For a long time, I thought Littlefinger was behind the assassination, but I believe he was out of position for that. Anyway, it’s good Bran calls him out on it with his “Chaos is a ladder” quote. The putz.

Jon Snow. Has his dragon glass mine about to start. They play another scene with his aunt full of implied promises and subtext, only to end with her demanding he bend a knee again. Which, all right, was pretty cool. I half expected that scene to end with the famous lines from Cheers, though: “Are you as turned on as I am?” “More!”

Tyrion. Not his best day. I suggested maybe he’s not the best strategist (although in fairness, some of his problems rise from the fact that the writers don’t know how to read their own maps). This week Dany suggests it too. The Imp is not in great standing. He tries to talk her out of taking her dragons against the Red Keep and she turns to Jon Snow for advice. The advice Jon gives is really pretty good, and he backs Tyrion.

Arya and Brienne. Practicing. With swords. And awesomeness. “I promise not to cut you.” I didn’t know I was waiting for this scene until I got it. I just needed this scene so much. I made my coworker hold me while I wept with joy. It wasn’t creepy. I promise. I won’t cut you.

Daenerys. Well, it seems Dany decided to split the difference. Jon and Tyrion both advised her against melting castles, so she attacks the army on the move. Presumably, that makes it easier to avoid deaths to the luggage and camp followers, so there are only military deaths. Still, Bron gets his licks in…

Bron. Draws first dragon blood in Westeros, even if he needed to lose his gold doing it. With that ballista/crossbow thing. That should be worth a castle, right?

Jamie. Lancing for Dany and the dragon at the end. Almost killed in dragon fire. Someone saved him. I’ve asked three people and no one figure out who. I guess we’ll need to wait until next week…

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