So by the time you read this, the lion’s share of my taxes should be done, meaning that I’ll be done categorizing all of my deduction. (I just have a couple hours left as I set this blog post up.) I still have to copy down all the totals onto the worksheet my tax guy provides, but I’ll do that when I have all my tax forms. I also paid Sales Tax (personally) for the first time. Before, I’ve always either been exempt or performed sales through venues that handled the sales tax for me (online retailers, for instance, or the settling up process at the end of Salt Lake Comic Con). So basically, there will be about an hour left to do sometime in the future, but I’m waiting for paperwork to put all that together.

A new adventure reared it’s head this weekend, however. We’d blocked the door to the conference room I built for playtests in my house (not a huge deal, we’d just set a few things in front of it that needed to be carried to another room) and needed to clear it for a session this weekend, so no one trips. Upon doing this, we discovered that another room in the basement, one under the kitchen, has had some minor flooding. But while the flooding was minor, there were hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of boxes sitting on top of the water, and they had to be moved. Also, I have a bad back.

I managed to get about 90% of the way through before I completely blew out my ability to, you know, move. Luckily, I had an able bodied friend coming over that night and he happily moved the last five or so boxes the five or ten feet necessary to make sure that nothing still sat in water.

So, over the next week or two, I’ll need to unpack all the boxes that got wet and assess the dollar damage done. Find out if it’s worth filing an insurance claim. I literally have no idea yet. Some of the boxes are RPG books, some are paperbacks, so the range could be anywhere from $100 to thousands. I just don’t know yet.

I had decided that if my taxes were done in less than a week, I’d start a new project. If they took longer, I’d let myself take a break a play a computer game before going back to 80+ hour weeks. If you take out the time I spent dealing with the flood, the taxes probably took just under a week, but now that I have at least two weeks of late night damage control box sorting ahead of me, I decided that I might as well give myself a break.

So I’m playing Blood Bowl II. The violence is refreshingly cathartic.

The next installment awaits...
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