So, NaNo, week 2.

I finished last week with the question about how week two would be and what it would hold. If you’ve looked at the counter on my blog, you’ll see it went just about as well as week 1. Except that I didn’t have a dental emergency. Although the filling from my first dental emergency did fall out, so I did have a dental event. I just decided it wasn’t worth my time to get fixed. There was always a question about whether it would hold. It was a gamble, if a seventy or so dollar one.

But enough on whether or not I have a rough spot on my tooth. We were talking about NaNo. I put up another five thousand words or so last week. Was home sick two days, although that didn’t necessarily impact my production very much. Writers Group went well. Didn’t seem impacted by the fact that they were mostly NaNo words, which worried me some. I’m confident in my ability to write more dramatic fiction during November, but as I probably mentioned last week, this is my first time trying comedy, and comedy is hard.

So. Week three. I have a huge number of demands on my time this week. It seems almost every minute of it is booked, so writing time will likely have to come from my sleep cycles. Let’s see how it goes.

The next installment awaits...
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