Joining Curiosity Quills for another edition of our Author Spotlight: Question & Answer Coloumn, is Merethe Walther, author of newly released sci-fi space-opera Mercury in Retrograde, which hit Amazon on February 7, 2017!

In the comments, please join us in asking Merethe Walther anything you’d like to know about writing, her new book, and life in Snellville, GA. Or you know, just throw something completely random at her to keep her on her toes!

Who are you and where do you call home right now?

I’m Merethe Walther, and I just recently moved to Snellville, GA with my husband into a cute little house. One room is basically devoted to our books, and I write in there—sometimes even with non-pajama pants on!

Tell us about your latest book:

Mercury in Retrograde was inspired by my love for sci-fi games and stories, and when I started writing it, I was actually really into playing Destiny, like, every night with my sister. (You BET we defeated the Taken King!) I started to put the story together before I even realized I was doing it, and then I knew I had to write it! One of the more challenging parts was actually in writing Kita, who, just like her character, was originally not supposed to stick around for so long, but she became so endearing to me that I couldn’t comfortably write her out, so fiction mirrored reality, in a sense.

What are a few of your hobbies?

I love video games, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books, music, anime, and manga! A typical night will have me editing, playing video games, writing, reading, or watching anime! (And cartoons, don’t judge.) Sometimes the hubby and I break out the dry erase chart and play D&D on the weekends. I used to draw, but I haven’t done it in a while, so I’d probably only be good at stick figures now. Oh, and drinking wine. I’m really good at that. Like, so good.

If you had your own food truck, what would it serve?

That one’s easy: sushi and pho! I’ve been obsessed with both forever and I literally cannot get enough of them. Any celebration can be made instantly better with either.

What do you want to get better at doing, writing-wise?

Hmm, that’s a tough one, because there are a few things that I would love to work on. I’m pretty critical of my own stuff, and sometimes I have to focus pretty well to make sure the scene is visibly set in my writing and not just in my head. Being better at that would help!

What TV series are you into right now, and why?

There are a couple right now, and they’re all on Netflix. Santa Clarita Diet is pretty freakin’ hysterical, and I binge-watched the entire first (and only, dammit!) season in one weekend. The Trailer Park Boys is a show that my husband and I are crazy about, and it’s seriously so funny, sometimes I laugh ‘til I cry. I’ve also been watching Glitch, which is super interesting, and I recently finished 3%, which is SOOO good. Even if you hate subtitles, watch it in the original Portuguese, because it’s so much better. I’m a fan of anything supernatural, dystopian, sci-fi, or fantasy related.

What movie do you quote the most?

That’s really hard to say, because I think fully a third of my vocabulary is reserved for pulling obscure movie quotes into otherwise normal conversation. Lately, however, it’s been nothing but quotes from the Trailer Park Boys, so frig off!

What do you collect, even a little bit? Tell us about your favorite one.

I collect books… a lot of books. I have a ton of manga, and I’m working at building my comic book collection back up. I also collect video games, cute little stuffed animals, and Super Mario Bros. paraphernalia. Don’t ask how much we just spent trying to collect a bunch of blind box SMB pins. No seriously, don’t. :x I also have an amazing collection of Sailor Moon figures, and I love getting little Hoppe Chan figures, too, even though they’re just basically little-gel raindrops with eyes. Why do I love them so?!

What’s your preferred genre of book when you just want to escape?

I think growing up, it used to heavily lean to fantasy or supernatural. As a kid, I literally read The Two Princesses of Bamarre like, a billion times until I wore out the spine, and I loved Amelia Atwater Rhodes’ vampire novels. Now, however, I’ve been leaning more toward sci-fi, Lovecraftian anything, and apparently, a lot of zombie stuff.
What do you like to do on vacation?

I love going to the beach, which is unfortunate given how quickly I burn. I have been wanting to get a cabin in the mountains for a while though, so basically I like to go where the nature is and the people aren’t.

Is there another genre you’ve been itching to write in?

Yes! I would love to finish my urban fantasy novel that I started ages ago and never got around to completing. I normally don’t do urban fantasy, only because I preferred high fantasy as a teenager and most of the early stuff I wrote was in that genre. The only thing better than 300 pages of mopey medieval teenager was mopey medieval teenager with magic. YEAH.

What unusual object do you like to bring with you if you leave the house?

My Sailor Moon umbrella! It’s always with me, even if there’s zero chance of rain. Also, my Bleach mask keychain. Is… is the nerd showing through, yet?

If you had a champion racing pigeon, what would you name it and what would its tagline be?

Monty Pigeon & the Holy Quail.

“Faster than an un-laden swallow.”

Finally, give us one recommendation for something—movie, TV, game, food, that you enjoyed recently.

I would recommend one of my favorite horror/dystopian novels, John Dies at the End. I have literally had to buy three copies of this book because my friends would keep “borrowing” it and ended up loving it. Great for getting a creepy thrill and questioning the universe!

About Mercury in Retrograde

Aralyn Solari spent the last three years of her life in the galaxy’s worst prison after a compromised run ruined her flawless smuggling record five years prior. Now that she’s free and has the promise of an easy job with a ridiculously large pay off, her last gig should be a cinch. As long as she follows the runner’s standard, anyway: get in, get out, get paid. Then, she can spend the rest of her years retired on Earth, hidden away with some well-deserved credits.

All of that changes, however, when she runs into her ex-boyfriend Caden Madigan: the man she suspects of setting her up all those years ago. Now, he’s wearing a UDA badge and uniform, and says that she’s in danger and being set up again. To Aralyn, the benefit of a huge payday outweighs the risks—or so she thinks until her “easy” job turns sour and she ends up wanted for a crime she didn’t commit, her smuggled goods get stolen, and her ship—down to the toilet paper—gets trashed.

Now, Aralyn’s got no choice but to try a last-ditch effort to get her payload back, get her money, and maybe even some closure… which proves difficult when she finds herself caught in a conspiracy that threatens everything and everyone around her. With government agencies and stone-cold killers on her trail, Aralyn’s life has literally become a ticking time bomb. Caught up in lies, revenge, and a harrowing game of blackmail, one misstep could end with her captured, enslaved, or perhaps even worse: thrown back inside the galaxy’s worst prison for the rest of her life, waiting to die.

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