This week I’ll be participating in Life, the Universe, and Everything. This is an academic symposium and possibly my favorite “con.” Maybe because I give myself permission not to try to sell or conduct business there, but just to meet people, network, and make friends. I know those things blur together, but here, they blur together in the green room or at dinner and lunch enjoying myself, and not behind a table. That said, my books will still be for sale at Howard and Sandra Tayler’s table, and I should be at the mass signing Friday night.

Here’s my schedule:


10am, Cedar (Provo Marriott): How to Run a Useful Playtest (Moderating)
11am, Cascade C (UVCC): So You Want a Revolution?
1pm, Amphitheater (Provo Marriott): Building a Multidisciplinary Career: Writing, Gaming, Film, Art, and More
3pm, Zion (Provo Marriott): Making Money
4pm, Arches (Provo Marriott): Crime Writing


10am, Cascade B (UVCC): Writing Groups 101
12pm, Cascade B (UVCC): Writing Science Fiction Tropes


12pm, Cascade B (UVCC): Pratchett vs Anthony: Humor in SF/F

The full version of the LTUE schedule is available either as an interactive page, or as a giant PDF grid.

The next installment awaits...
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