This week is me watching streaming television, playing with my entertainment setup, and trying not to get carpal tunnel syndrome playing Dying Light. There will also be the eating of turkey. And perhaps reflecting on thankfulness and the like.

As writers its very important to recharge our batteries. When I first started as a professional game designer, I had a 100,000-word month during an already busy time. At the end of that month, one of my publishers contacted me, after I’d turned in one of the books to ask me if I was all right. I still think fondly of her because she didn’t think, “Bob is a crappy writer,” or “Bob has lost his edge,” but “Bob doesn’t turn in work like this unless he’s broken.”

That’s when I learned that I can push myself too hard, and that I need to take time for myself sometimes. I’ll get pneumonia. I’ll burn out. Then again, sometimes I write blog posts when I intended to just write “I’m on Vacation,” scribble a single line, and then stop.

Because we’re writers, and we might have a problem. But recognizing it is the first step, right?

The next installment awaits...
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