The Jedi’s Five Absolutely Perfect Shopping Sites for the Geek Chic

Can you believe the holidays are already upon us? And can you believe people are already claiming their spot in line for Black Friday deals? Since most of us don’t have the time to camp out in order to save a couple hundred bucks, I thought I’d let you all in on my little secret … the internet! Okay, Cyber Monday is hardly a secret anymore, so why are those guys still in front of Best Buy? *rolls eyes*
Today I’d like to introduce (or remind) you of five sites that are PURE GOLD when it comes to shopping for the geek in your life.

LOVE this site! They have EVERYTHING, but I mainly go for the book themed T-shirts. I wear these two more often than I care to admit. (What, I’m a bit eccentric … who cares if I wear the same shirt twice in a week, right?!)

books was better

(Okay, let’s be honest … it’s three times a week.)

I signed hubs up for this site last year and hands down, it’s the B*E*S*T gift I’ve ever given him because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every month, one of these babies appears on our doorstep like clockwork. I mean, it’s a box, FOR NERDS!! And if there’s ever a toy he’s not into, we can regift it to one of the many nerds in our family. It’s nice to have those instagifts on hand when you’re in a time crunch.

nerd box

Started by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka on Star Wars, the Clone Wars. She has tons of geek chic apparel that’s not just limited to Star Wars, although that’s the only section I’ve purchased from. Check out this dress I rocked at the UtopYA conference in June!

Jamie and Krystal

(And I’m with fellow Curiosity Quills author and my editor extraordinaire, Krystal Wade.)

Just because you may not be able to make it all the way to Orlando to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter doesn’t mean you can’t still look like you have while drinking your cups of coffee in the morning! Check out my two favorite mugs from this online store.

HP mugs

Boom! Just when you thought coffee couldn’t possibly get any more magical, it just did!

5) Barnes&
What geek gift list would be complete without books? If you want some book recommendations, check out my Goodreads page (Or if you want to throw me a bone, feel free to send me one of the many books off my never ending wish list *wink, wink*)
Personally, I think Goodreads should alter their book status list to this.

Book rating

Yes, that’d be sooo much more fun. Come on, raise your hand if you’ve ever offered up your first born for an advanced copy from your favorite author (Oh, just kidding, Kaylee *cough, cough*)

The Padawan’s Five Absolutely Perfect Gifts for the Hipster Girl

In the era of the hipsters it’s hard for parents from the age of the hippies to know what to buy for their kids. Likewise, it’s often hard for teenagers to pick out what they want for this holiday. To help both of these groups out I have composed a list of five absolutely hipster gifts that’ll be the perfect treat for any occasion, especially the one of dear old Saint Nick.

make up

1. Number one on my list of to die for gifts is makeup, something I think every teenage girl loves and wants more of. It’s truly the gift you can’t go wrong with.


2. Another gift you can never go wrong with is clothes. I mean what girl doesn’t love clothes? Just be careful and be sure you tailor to her specific tastes.


3. We can’t forget to accessorize. Whether it is a cute necklace or flower crown, the little things can really splice up any gift.


4. Money is one gift that I think every generation can appreciate. If you don’t like to give a gift in cash, then make it a gift card. You could even stuff the money or cards inside a really cute purse! Better yet, make a donation to a charity in your child’s name. It’s a gift that they’ll appreciate forever and it teaches them selflessness. My parents have been making a donation to World Vision to support children in Africa in my name for years now, and I love our tradition.


5. Give them something vintage. This might sound weird but stuff from back in the day like typewriters, record players, and Polaroid’s are actually making a comeback. So dust off something from the attic and give your kid the gift of the past.