So I originally wrote an unbiased review of the new Ghostbusters movie and posted it here, but then I came back in time from the resulting dystopian future and stopped myself. So instead I spent the weekend working a charity tournament at the local game store, Dragon’s Keep.
They seem to be having some trouble where marketing is concerned on these tournaments. There was only one table, so after the first evening/round, I threw out the tournament structure and just ran it as a paid game instead. These things exist, where you pay $25 dollars for the right to sit at the table of a professional and play a game. I know they exist because yesterday I ran one.
It helps that the proceeds went to charity. If I had been paid for running the game, I would still feel guilty about a few things I didn’t quite run perfectly.

But the game went well. We had a good time, and the store moved that much closer to sponsoring a child for So I’m calling the weekend a win. Even if I feel like I’ve been beaten by clowns. Biker mafia enforcer clowns. These things exist because yesterday I was beaten by some.

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