I stand on the cusp of many things. It makes a difficult find a topic this week. So let’s talk about all the transitions ahead of me.

Sales were good for my book bomb of course, and then they fell (of course). About Wednesday they started picking up again. That’s probably a momentary blip, but it’s nice to see a little momentum. Friends of mine who have books that released this year are starting to put them on sale. CQ hasn’t suggested one to me yet. I think that’s because my sales are steady. Maybe they’re just waiting for me to suggest it. We’ll see. When we do have a sale, we’ll want to arrange the timing carefully.

Things are moving with Death by Cliche 2, but I don’t have anything official to announce yet. I expect news there soon.

I am nearing the finish line on Death by Cliche 3 (the first draft, at any rate). This means that soon, like in the next few days soon, I need to be plotting it. I’ve been prepping. I’ve watched the movie The Hidden Fortress, from which I intend to draw ideas. A friend, Bryan Young, has suggested that I watch Kagemusha as well after I mentioned some of my ideas to him online. I’ll do that this week and then leap into plotting. Leap, I tell you.

Meanwhile, we’re also getting ready for Salt Lake City Comic Con, which will be the first convention where I’ll be at a booth with a novel. So. There’s that.

Life is good. The work is good. The friends are good. The colleagues are good. My cat is okay.

Let’s call that a whole lot of win.

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