It’s been a month since the release of the book. Sales are, not surprisingly, sagging a bit. I didn’t manage to generate much advertising this week. The Dungeon Crawlers Radio people have been generous enough to post some audio sample chapters, but those haven’t worked as well as I hoped. However, I noticed after the last one that I didn’t give him a proper intro and outro to each sample. Without context, it’s hard to generate sales. So I’m recording those tonight when the house and neighborhood have gone quiet (read: after the fireworks), and I’ll send them to him.

This week I finished up the next adventure for those local charity tournaments. I’ll turn that in tonight. After that, I turned in my story for an anthology with Matthew Cox. I think I’m the first to submit. By a lot. So I spent the rest of the weekend shooting edits back and forth to him, as well as an unrelated argument about voice and viewpoint. Because we’re on the internet, and fighting is kind of the point. Correct?

Meanwhile, for the first time since my birthday, two months ago today, I’ve the freedom to play a computer game. I recieved Undertale and Arkham Knight for said birthday. So I just finished playing Undertale about five minutes before posting this. I’ll play Arkham Knight next. That will probably take a couple weeks. After that, I might be forced to start working 80 hour weeks again. I sure hope not.

I’ve been trying to hit up a couple podcasts a week, but I didn’t want to interfere with me returning to the comic podcast this weekend, so I didn’t push on the ones that record on Sundays. I’ll hit up a couple more this week and see if I can generate some more sales buzz. I view this as a marathon, not a sprint, so I don’t want to try any advertising that costs money until I use up take advantage of others. Also, I don’t want too much happening at one time, because that would make it difficult to determine the source of the sales.

Well that’s it for this week. We are plugging along. Hopefully, unlike a real marathon, I won’t get shin splints. Or lose control of my bodily functions.

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