This blog post is going to be quick. I write these on Sunday and I need to write 2-3000 words today.

This week is my last writers’ group before we go on hiatus for a month of conventions. So let me explain something called “The Slow Read Problem.” When you’re in a writers’ group you tackle a submission a week, so a book is spread over something like four to nine months (or years, if you’re George RR Martin). We typically read books much more quickly than that in our spare time. So a book might set something up in chapter one then pay it off five chapters later. In a writers group, that could be more than a month a part and everyone in the group might forget a setup that a normal reader would have experienced at most a night or two before.

So coming into this big hiatus, my group basically said, “break any submission rules necessary to finish submitting the book before the hiatus.” Essentially, if I need to go over our normal word count caps a bit to get her done, I have their blessing. They didn’t want to have the slow read problem blown up by adding a month of vacation right into the middle of the climax and falling action.

So. I have to fininsh the book. Like pronto. And I had Gaming Con. So I haven’t slept much.

And this is a short post.


The next installment awaits...
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