I spent this weekend at my first FearCon, which was fun. Except for the fact that I didn’t bring any horror books to sell. I didn’t actually confirm that I’d be at the convention until just a few days before and so I didn’t have any of my horror anthologies there. You see, at almost every convention I do, there are about ten people selling those same anthos, and so I just direct people to one of them, and sign them when they come back to me. But with this being FearCon’s second year, it wasn’t really on my radar yet and so it sort of snuck up on me. While I was more than ready for my panels, I didn’t have my supply of product ready for sales. But I don’t go to these things to make a profit, so that part didn’t really bother me.

My two normal panels went well if the noise levels were a little sub-optimal. We met great people. I think we imparted some good knowledge, and I’m pretty proud of what we did. In of Choose Your Own Apocalypse game, I played the werewolves again, and I won. There’s a video of my Facebook feed of me singing Werewolf of London, should you really want to see it.

Also, I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. I have participated in years because I’m almost always mid-project when it begins, but this year I just learned about the Zokutou clause, which allows for people who’ve already won Nano to count words of works in progress (not prior words, you’re just allowed to start counting whereever you are when November starts). I’m about 25k into DbC 6, so I’m just going to pick it up right where I am and start from there. I’ll post my word counts to twitter to help inspire my Nano peeps.

That’s it for this week. I hope everyone’s stoked and ready for Novemember!

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