So, it appears that I’m going to FearCon here in Salt Lake. I scheduled the time off a month ago, but I found out that I was actually scheduled…yesterday? So yes. I’ll be a FearCon. I’ll be selling books at a booth. I’ll be at two panels plus a Choose Your Own Apocalypse Panel. There will be a musical number. If the audience seems into it, there may be dancing. We’ll see. I’ve never been to a FearCon before. They are fairly new.

As for the book update, Audible rejected the audiobook for minor technical issues I won’t bore you with. I’ve sent it back to the producer, but the offshoot is I suspect it will be at least another two weeks before it releases. So I’ll officially announce book two in the next day or two. Expect a series of punch-drunk tweets. It’s been a very, very difficult week.

I’ve got nothing else. It’s going to have to be a short one.

The next installment awaits...
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