Salt Lake City Comic Con 2016 is over. It was a blast. I was in about seven panels. Three of them were giant Star Wars extravaganzas. The green room was friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed myself. I really did.

I’ve written about the green room before, about how my favorite moments of most cons are in the green room, with my fellow writers, swapping stories and just being with people who have the same shared experiences. This con was no different.

I ate lunch with Larry Correia, Robison Wells, Tracy Hickman and Claudia Gray. Secured my cover quote for Death by Cliché from Larry. Hung out with a lot of fellow podcasters. Listened to Howard Tayler and Kevin J Anderson have a casual conversation that turned out to be a master’s class in business.

I did it all with a certain melancholy joy. You see, it was my last scheduled con before my book release. My last chance to hang out in the green room without worrying about whether I should be on the floor, selling books. In a way, it was like a bachelor party. But without the strippers. Wymore wasn’t there.

The last hurrah of freedom before responsibilities kick in.

It was perfect. It was special. I will cherish it always.

It was too soon. I’ve just signed up for World Horror.

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