One of the things I try to remember is to spread the love. Buy other people’s books. Share other people’s links. Promote other people’s sales. Those are the obvious ones. I had a less obvious opportunity Thursday.
Daniel from Dungeon Crawler’s Radio posted on Facebook in the afternoon, saying that all of his co-hosts had last minute scheduling conflicts and asked if anyone wanted to help with the show. Now, I believe that DCR has been critical for my book’s success so far, so I was the first to reply. Followed by several other authors, which made me wince. Most of them were scheduled to be on the show as guests that night and I was afraid Daniel would think that I was just volunteering to be a guest as well.
So when he shot me the recording address I immediately replied, asking him the show topics and questions so I could come prepared as a panelist. I made it clear I was not coming to pitch my books. We’ve done that twice in three months and I don’t want to wear out my welcome with his fans. I want his fans to like me. I want Daniel to like me. (Daniel already likes me, but I want him to continue to like me). Basically, I wanted to be clear that I was there to work for him, not the other way around.

So he gave me the show schedule. Three-four episodes recording. The first one interviewing a store owner. Second interviewing a new publisher. (Wymore). Maybe a spill-over episode. The last… Well, he didn’t have a last. He asked me for ideas.

My chance to shine. I almost threw out some lame placeholder podcast subject, then I stopped. I stared at the blinking cursor.

Think, Defendi.

This is it. This is the moment. Here is where you define your worth to these people. But you don’t do it showily. You do it by making it not about your worth. How do you do it? How do you do it?

And then I remembered driving to work, listening to DCR and Daniel mentioning something about DCR history and wishing I knew more. And then I remembered Daniel vague-booking about a contract deal. And that’s when it hit me.

Daniel asks all the questions. Daniel has all these fans and followers, and no one gives them a window into Daniel’s life. Daniel’s too humble to bring it up and no one ever asks him the questions.

So I told him, “For our last show, I interview you. All your fans get to find out about your writing career and your recent contract and the history of Dungeon Crawers’ Radio.”

It was a blast. Maybe the favorite thing I’ve ever done as a guest spot on a podcast. I felt good. Daniel felt good. I bet the fans will really enjoy it. I got to talk a little about how much I love Daniel and how much I appreciate what he does for us authors, but that was the most I indulged in myself, and even that was about my feelings for him.

I never mentioned my book by name. I probably should have, but I really wanted it to be an act of altruism. Daniel has worked tirelessly to build DCR as a brand and he lets us all come along for the ride from time to time. He’s good people, and I was happy to give a little back.

The episodes we recorded started dropping Friday and continue this week.

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