So next week I go on vacation. For Thanksgiving, I tried to clear my schedule for my vacation. I don’t think that will be possible for Christmas. I’ve promised two friends that I’d give them full alpha reads by the end of the year. On top of that, at literally any minute I expect to get back proofs on DbC 2, and I’ve asked for a proofer that gives very thorough work. Not only does he find stuff that requires entire sentence rewrites, requiring more than one pass, but I specifically ask for him and my editor because he’s a gamer and my editor isn’t, so I expect him to catch at least one thing that the editor didn’t, that’s game related.
Anyway. I expect some longish nights coming, and I don’t think they can be longish enough to get done before my vacation.

I’ll probably take Christmas Off, though. Because: Christmas.

Things continue on DbC 4. I discovered this week that I’ve been taking “In Late, Out Early” to too great an extreme. In late, out early is a bit of writing advice that’s meant to curb an author’s instinct to linger on a character. You meander your way into a scene. You linger too long after a scene should be over. Well, taken to an extreme, the character doesn’t have time to make an impact. They become more of a highlight reel than an actual character arc, and evidently, I have committed that sin. It isn’t the first time. It won’t be the last. Sometimes, we worry more about keeping things moving than actually taking the time to let the characters breathe. In our fear of being boring, we become as frenetic as a coked-up hummingbird.

So, I’ve gone back and written some more connective tissue bits. In them, I’m trying to correct some character issues that critiquers also noticed. If they like the new direction, I can carry the changes through the stuff I already wrote. It also allowed me to work in a Star Wars joke I was dying to use, but skipped somehow. So there was that.

But all in all, things are good. I keep finding myself looking for the cat, but that’s becoming increasingly infrequent. I don’t know if it will ever completely go away. But we push on. We keep going. Right now I’m also playing Europa Universalis VI, and I’m about to vent my frustrations on the French.

I suspect we all know that will help.

The next installment awaits...
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