I set myself a goal of editing a quarter of DbC 2 each night until it was finished. When you’re doing the actual final proof it’s not that hard to do sixty pages in an evening. Often you go twelve pages without an edit, and when you get there it’s either a comment that left for the copy editor so he wouldn’t change something or a minor change like a comma. About three times in an evening I would need to make a real change.

Anyway, Thursday and Friday I’m not actually home, so I finished that Saturday and submitted it. I expect word any moment that they received it. (Monday morning edit: word received). So that’s put to bed. Now I just need my audio guy to finish his studio so we can begin the audiobook.

Meanwhile, I’ve been prepping for Life, the Universe, and Everything, a local academic symposium. They’ve asked me to run a game demo and I’ve chosen to run a Star Wars adventure for Fantasy Flight Game’s current RPG. I’ve modeled the base structure of their beginner sets. Friday night I ran it for my game group. We went long, but about an hour. So on the day of, I’ll need to either cut or come up with an alternate plan. Right now, I intend to poll the group at the beginning and ask them if they want the full version of the adventure or a stripped down version. If they want the stripped down version, I’ll heavily edit two skill-intensive encounters that eat up a lot of table time, and possibly cut a redundant encounter which mainly teaches initiative and the edition of a second range band. If they want the full version, we’ll run it as is, and see about moving to the game room when our time in the demo room expires. It will mainly depend on if they want to devote three hours to the game or just the two.

Other than that, I’m probably moderating a panel or two. I should probably look into that.

All right. Obviously, I know I’m moderating some panels. In fact, one of the panels I asked to be removed as moderator. Usually, I love moderating, but I feel it necessary to talk less when I moderate and I might have the strongest subject credentials on that panel, so I decided to head that one off early. I have often ended up at panels, seen that one of the biggest authorities on a subject had been made moderator, and offered to take over for the same reason. Anyway, the staff was happy to accommodate.

Other than that, I’ve been playing Blood Bowl II. I feel like finalizing DbC2 earned me continued goof off time. I finished my first tournament as the Dark Elves, my favorite team, but I haven’t rolled a single stat gain on a player and that’s killing me. I’ll probably try another team tonight. Maybe the Undead or Wood Elves or Dwarves. (Monday morning edit: Tried Undead and Wood Elves, Wood Elves won me over, and after four games, they already earned a stat gain on a wardancer.)

So that’s my week. Next week you’ll get an LTUE report.


The next installment awaits...
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